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List 3 distinguishing traits
Upright posture
Have nails rather than claws
Limb Flexibility
Characteristics that distinguish ape from monkey
No tail
Arms longer than legs
Family pongidae
Name an example of a creeper
Name an example of a leaper
Which gener is dominant in Lemur society?
Name a new world monkey known as callers
Name and example of a monkey known as squabbler
Squirrel Monkey
Which gender dominates Guenon society?
What is concealed estrus?
No change in physical appearence of females during ovulation
Name the largest monkey species
What does diurnal mean?
Active during the day
What is a dominace hierarchy?
Alpha male who is incharge helping others "benefits to knowning top dog"
How do males know a female is in estrus?
Genitals swell and pheromone is released
List 2 characteristics of Gibbons
Long fingers and small thumb
Are Orangutans solitary?
What is the roll of a silver back gorilla?
Leader, to protect family and find food
List 3 threat gestures that a gorilla displays
Shows teeth
Tight lips
List 3 submission gestures that a gorilla displays
Make yourself smaller
No eye contact
What 2 activities spend most of day doing?
Nap and eat
Name 1 way a mom transports her baby
Ride on back
Humans didn't evolve from Chimps. What is our relation with Chimps?
Share a distant common ancestor
What is the average chimp life span?
45 years
Do Chimps have a consealed estrus?
No. Genitals swell
Descrive a chimp coalition
Alpha male has his boys who support him
List 2 dominance gestures within Chimps
Use props for noise
List 2 submission gestures of Chimps
What is the difference between group and community?
Group:3-6 related within community
Community: 15-120 large territory
Describe Chimpanze warfare
Border patrol parties, raiding parties, safety in numbers, use of weapons
List 2 characteristics that make Bonobos different than Chimps
Build/facial structure
Less aggressive
What is remarkable about Coco?
Has learned sign language
Give an example of observational learning
Give an example of tool usage
Termite/stick technique
What did Harlow conclude?
Touch, warmth, security
What is principle of resilience?
When monkeys were placed back with mother they were able to develop normally again
Long term effet from monkey being removed from mom
Depression and slower development
What are 2 benefits of play?
Social interaction
How do dogs communicate their desire to play?
Butt in air, wag tail, high pitch barks
List 3 primates who recognize itself in the mirror
What is remarkable about Alex?
He could understand concepts