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______ is the evolutionary development or history of taxonomic groups of organisms
Who proposed idea of evolution before Darwin?
Erasumus Darwin, and Lamark
What are some of the big points of natural selection?
variation, variation is heritable, large # offspring, scare resources, offspring better adapted survive mate and pass on genes.
Why did Jenkin object to Darwin?
Because of painpot problem
What does antithesis describe?
How opposite behaviors express opposite emotions
True false Romanes was interested in how animals automatically responded because of instincts.
False- he was interested in how ants behaved like people.
______ is an idea where you catagorize everything with man at the top of the list.
the ____ approach focused on how simple physio chemical reactions influenced animal behavior.
true false the reductionistic approach had a beg influence on camparative psychology.
True or False comparative psychology focused on instincts?
False it focused on evolution of learning
The _____ or _____ approach attemts to reconstruct bhavioral phylogenies it is the oldeest and least powerul use of evolution to study behavior/
historial/ phylogenetic
True/ false convergent evolution can skew ethology?
False- it messes up historical approach
_____ and _____ are the two main branches of animal behavior that were studied up until 1960
comparative/ ethology
True / False Uexkull came up with Umwelt concept
______ is a inherited behavioral response
a ___ is a behavioral catalog.
The ____ is the unit of inherited behavior.
Fixed Action Potential (FAP)
The ____ was name given to process where nerv. system is involved when org. performs a FAP in response to releaser
Innate Releasing mechanisn
True/ false ex. of goose retrieving egg is FAP
______ describes when FAP occurs when no releaser is present
Vacuum activities
True/ False Von Frisch proposed hydraulic model of action specific energy?
False- Lorenz
____ of instinct refercs to how a FAP can improve over time.
who had 4 whys?
The ____ approach seeks to evaluate a behavior ny how it contributes to the fitness of animals performing it.
Kruuk used the ____ approache when studying the mob behavior in gulls.
adapationist approach
True/ false -sexual imprinting and maternal imprinting occurs at same time in species
What are the 3 components of reproductive process?
1, secretion of sex steroids, production of gametes, and timing of mating behavior
True / false females reproduction can be influenced by male courtship.
_____ is a reproductive pattern characterized by a complete temporal uncoupling of mating behavior from gonadal maturation adn sex steroid hormone secretion. Eg. red-sided garter snake