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What war was called "The Great War"?
World War I
What years did World War I span?
What year did America enter World War I?
What is the desire to cross borders and dominate other nations?
What is the desire to stay out of other countries problems?
In World War I what main countries were part of Central Powers?
Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey
In World War I what countries mainly made up Allied Powers?
England, France, Italy, and Japan
What side in WWI did the U.S. decide to join?
Allied Powers
What events made us join WWI?
Sinking of Lusitania and the Zimmerman telegram?
What was an English luxurious liner that was attacked by a German U boat and killed 2,000 passengers including 128 Americans?
What was supposed to be a secret telegram in 1915 from Germany to Mexico asking Mexico to help attack the U.S. and they will help them get some land back?
Zimmerman telegram
Who was the president during WWI?
Woodrow Wilson
What did Wilson claim to congress he was going to do by entering this war (WWI)?
"Make the world safe for democracy"
What act called all males 20-30 years old to fight in the war in WWI?
Selective services act
How many Americans fought in WWI?
4.8 million and 400,000 were African American
What organization urged blacks to serve during WWI?
What positions in the militay were blacks given during WWI?
non combat positions
Who were considered civilian forces outside the military in WWI?
Factories who previously hired white males had employ who during WWI?
women and African Americans
Who was in charge of the Commitee on Public Information (Prowar) during WWI?
George Creel
What was the term used to describe asking people to spy on their neighbors and ask the newspapers not to print sensitive information during WWI?
mind mobilization
Who was an anti war progressive woman that started the Women Peace Party during WWI?
Jane Addams
Who were industrialist that were against the war because of upheaval in industry and foriegn influence during WWI?
Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford
Who were considered socialists during WWI?
Eugene Debs and William "Big Bull" Haywood
What act sent you to prision if you criticized the war and if you do something to an american symbol (like burn a flag) during WWI?
Espionage and Sedition Acts
What month and year did WWI finally end?
November 1918
What was the 14th point of Wilson's 14 point plan?
League of Nations
What was the League of nations?
A world forum where all the nations would meet and discuss the problems.
What kind of government did Russia have?
What did the communist government favor?
workers and laborers
Edgar Hooverand raged raids against suspected communist?
Palmer raids
Who was involved in the palmer raids?
attorney general and FBI director J. Edgar Hoover
How many people during the palmer raids were arrested and deported?
4,000 people were arrested and 600 were deported.
What amendment did the palmer raids violate?
the first amendment
What organization was designed to protect our civil rights including the first amendment?
ACLU American Civil Liberties Union
What organization helped Nazis get parade permits to march in Jewish neighborhood?
In 1900s where were the blacks relocating to?
the north for factory jobs
What event happened in 1919 where there was a white and black beach and a bunch of black kids swam in the white beach and the whites threw rocks until he drowned. Then that night whites went into the black neighborhood and killed and burned their houses?
Chicago Race Riot
What was the first big northern outbreak of violence?
Chicago Race Riot
What time period had the spirits of making money and having a good time?
What was a big emphasis in the 1920s?
materialism and consumerism
What is the term used for the idea I want it all now?
What was started in the 19th century?
credit plans
What used to be if out bought products it would just say with at the products, but now the use psychological forms making people feel inferior if the don't buy this product?
What did women of the 1920s get to do?
women get to vote and more social freedom
What was illegal in the 1920s?
What was an illegal bar called?
What group did the speakeasies help?
What were the more liberated women called?
Wh were the women called flappers?
The would wear gloshes and left them unzipped so the flapped around
Who said when people repress natural urges and desires it will come out in another way because it would never go away refering to the 1920s?
Sigmund Freud
Who was a radio and temple evangelist and she tried to recruit members and built a church in Los Angeles, and her preaching was love?
Aimee McPherson
Who was a writer and an ex patriot, she left America to live in another country?
Gertrude Stein
Who believed that the only way for black to succeed was to start their own seperate community? Even someone who just lived there would go to black owned businesses?
Marcus Garvey
Who started the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) in 1920s and gave out a magazine Negro World.
Marcus Garvey
What was it called when cultural aspects were going on during the New Negro artistic movement?
Harlem Renaissance
Who was head of the Harlem Renaissance?
Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston
Who was at the forefront of music and helped the exposion of jazz music?
Louis Armstrong
What group first appeared in 1870s now returned in 1915-1925?
Ku Klux Klan
Who were the new targets of the Ku Klux Klan?
African Americans, immigrants (catholic and Jewish), violaters of traditional values (adulters, homosexuals, and evolutionist) and bootleggers
What group was mostly italians that were almost mafia status?
How many members did the klan have by 1923?
5 million
What Klan member had a receptionist that he liked and he kidnapped her and raped and she was so distraught that she poisoned herself?
Indiana Grand Dragon
What were considered anti-immigrant sentiment?
Ku Klux Klan, National Origins Act and Sacco and Vanzetti trial
What trial was 2 immigrants from Italy and they were "anarchists" and they were blamed for a robbery and murder in Massachusetts?
Sacco and Vanzetti trial
What are anarchist?
agaist all government
What group reacted to the rise of science?
Religios fundamentalism
What state passes a law "no teaching evolution in school"?
What teacher was arrested for teaching evolution in a class and went to court?
John Scopes
Who was on John Scopes side in the court case?
Clarence Darrow (ACLU)
Who was the Tenn. prosecuter in the John Scopes case?
William Jennings Bryan
What was the John Scopes called?
The Monkey Trial
Who were the 2 candidates in Election of 1928?
Herbert Hoover (rep) and Al Smith (dem)
Who won the election of 1928?
Herbert Hoover
Who was from New York and had an Irish background and was also a prgressive and believed the governemnt should help?
Al Smith
What are the four reasons for "Great Depression"?
overproduction of agricultural and industrial goods, overspeculation in stock market, no rules for bank, and war debt problem
What is we didn't have anybody to buy the products and an example is the California farmers that started burning oranges?
overproduction of agricultural and industrial goods
What is a sophisticated way of gambling and is in charge of the 1929 crash?
overspeculation in stock market
What is where the saivngs of people from the bank were gone because there was no way to stop the banks and there was a lack of regulation of banks and the stock market?
no rules about bank
What was it called when WWI cost a lot of money and most of the fighting was in Europe so Europe borrowed a lot of money from other countries including us?
War dept problem
He believed that government should stay out of people's problems and poverty was a personal falling out?
Herbert Hoover
What group in 1932 was a government act that suthorized $2 billion in governemtn loans to big businesses?
Reconstruction Fiance Corporation
What plan was to put money in big business hoping to get interest but eventually interest goes back down?
Trickle down plan
Who ran in the Election of 1932?
Herbert Hoover (Dem) and Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Rep)
Who said "prosperity is right around the corner"?
Herbert Hoover
What were shanty towns that circled the big cities that were a box, car or whatever they could find?
Who was from a political family and was inflicted with Polio?
What years was FDR elected for?
1932, 1936, 1940, and 1944
What year was the "First" New Deal done?
1933 - 1934
What act closed every bank for a day, and had someone visit each bank and decide which ones can reopen?
Emergency Banking Act
What 1934 Act did stock market reforms and tried to bring stock market under control and registered every stock and they were federally regulated?
Securities and Exchange Act
Who was appointed as the new secretary of labor during 1st new deal and was the 1st woman to be appointed to high government office
Francis Perkins
What adminstration established national cades or standards for big industries?
National Recovery Adminstration (NRA) 1933
What was the official symbol for the NRA?
blue eagle
Who became LA governor in 1928 and became senator in 1930? He hated the NRA and hated that big shots got to run everything.
Huey P. Long
What were somethings the NRA accomplished?
codes for production/prices/wages and section 7a: unions ok
Who was a populist and cared about poor blacks as well as poor whites?
Huey P. Long
What society (1934 - 1935) had 7 million members and motto was "Every man a king", and had a plan to pass a law that garanteed $2,000 annual income for every family and it would come from taxing the rich?
"share the wealth" societies
How did Huey P. Long die?
a man came to shoot him and 1 of his body gaurds accidentally shot him
What year did the US supreme court strike down the NRA because it was unconstitutional?
When can the federal government interven with state affairs?
when it is inter state meaning 2 or more states
What adminstration had federal government make payments to farmers who withdraw acrage from cultivation and if you agree not to farm on part of the land the government will pay?
Agricultural Adjustment Adminstration (AAA)
What was one big effect of AAA?
eviction of sharecroppers
What did EPIC stand for?
End Poverty in California
Who did EPIC choose to run in the governor election?
Upton Sinclair (The Jungle)
What was EPIC's plan?
Have state of California buy or lease farm land then let poor grow food on it
What was called the rural improvement project and they built highways, bridges, and national parks?
Civilian Consercation Core (CCC)
What organizaton replaced the NRA and made unions ok and a Grievance board?
National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) also Wagner Act
What board had 33,000 cases for 7 miliion workers?
Grievance board of NLRA
What act tried to address problems on federal level with minimum wage ($0.40 an hour)
Fair Labor Standards Act
What group did a sit down strike in 1935 and had a general motors strike that lasted for many months?
United Auto Workers (UAW) 1935
When the heavy industry was snubbed by AFL what group was formed to help?
Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO)
What federal government group hires and pays people to work?
Work Project Administration (WPA)
What two kind of jobs did the WPA hire for?
construction and culture
What kind of job of WPA did mostly building of public buildings, parks, and bridges?
What job for the WPA was done for public service, theatre, writing, and art?
Who did a writing project for WPA and did travel guides?
What administration was designed to employ students with part time jobs, so that students will stay in school?
National Youth Adminstration
What was a seperate black programs like the National Youth Administration directed by Mary Mclead Bethune?
Division of Negro Affairs
What plan consisted of federal government giving every person over 60 $200 to spend within the month?
Townsend Plan
What act emphasised Retirement Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, and Aid to dependent children?
Social Security Act 1935
What adminstration was designed to help farm workers that are poor by setting up migratory farm workers camp?
Farm Security Administration 1937
Who's farm does Tome Joad find work at?
Mr. Thomas
Who was the comissioner of Bureau of Indian Affairs and he wanted to end boarding school and get old policies put to rest?
John Collier
Collier also presented what act that made indians able to elect represtatives?
Indian Recognition Act in 1934
Who was invited to sing for daughters of American Revolution but did not let her perform b/c there was a no black policy?
Marion Anderson
What radio show would have Frankilin Delano Roosevelt sit down and talk to America?
Fireside chats
What brought us out of the depression?
What were people from Oklahoma called?
What happens to grandparents who are uprooted in both books?
They can't last and die
What members are in charge of keeping family together in both books?
Who was killed in the book?
Casy the preacher
What does the end of the book represent?
poor folks share and that is how they survive
What are the four phases of WWII?
WWII: last phase of new deal, 2nd phase of WWI, 2nd phase of reconstruction, and 1st phase of cold war
Where did the war break out?
What event had America join WWII?
Bombing of Pearl Harbor
What board is like the NRA it set up codes and how much stuff is going to be produced during WWII, and was also like the WPA where they have construction projects and cultural projects?
War Production Board
What is it called when the same people are fighting in WWI fight again in WWII?
2nd phase of WWI
Who were in the Allied Powers in both wars?
England, France, Russia, and USA
Who was in the Central Powers?
Germany and Austria-Hungary
Who was in the Axis Powers?
Germany, Italy, and Japan
What country does Germany invade and triggers the war?
What day does WWII begin?
September 2, 1939
What year did Germany invade Russia on the Atlantic Front?
What day did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?
December 7 1941
What event happened then Germany began to fall apart during WWII?
D Day in 1944
What happend 1 month before Germany surrenders?
FDR dies
Who become president after FDR dies?
Harry Truman
Around what time does Hitler commit suicide?
April 1945
What day does Germany formally surrender in WWII?
April 8 1945
What project was where scientist develop an atomic bomb?
Manhatten Project
What cities was the atomic bomb droped on?
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
What day does Japan surrender?
September 2 1945
What phase of the war is a continuations of race experimentation that awakened civil rights because of what the Nazis did to the Jews?
second phase of reconstruction
What was lost during the bombing of Pearl Harbor?
2,000 Americans 18 ships 180 airplanes
Where Japanese located during WWII?
Relocation camps Feb. 1942
What order forced Japanese to go into camps?
Executive Order # 9066
How long did the Japanese have to gather their belongings?
48 hours
How many Japanese were relocated?
What percent of the Japanese relocated were American citizens?
65% 70,000
What was the first case to go against camps that went to the supreme court in 1944?
Korematsu Case
What was the ruling in the Korematsu case?
ruled constitutional b/c of "reasonable" wartime precaution
When were all Relocation camps closed?
Jan. 1945
What did the camps introduce the younger Japanese generation?
pop culture and americanize them
In 1988 what happened to the Japanese families that lived through the camps?
$20,000 and an apology
What is the "double V" campaign that the NAACP launched?
victory abroad and at home
What big organization was separated?
Red cross Blood Bank
Who created the Red Cross Blood Bank?
Dr. Charles Drew (African American)
Who was the first black brigadeer general in 1940?
Benjamin O. Davis
Where were black pilots sent to?
Tuskegee Institute
When was desegregation ordered in the military?
What native american group helped the military make a secret code that no one could break?
Why couldn't anyone break the Navajo code?
b/c it is developed differently
What idea came from Woodrow's idea for a league of nations?
United Nations
What were 2 parts of the UN Charter?
general assembly and security council
What is it called when all nations have 1 vote to form alliances with other countries?
general assembly
What is it called with 6 rotating elected members nations>
Security council
Who were the 5 permanent members of the United Nations?
USA, USSR, England, France, and China
How big is the military that is associated with United Nations?
Who was the leader of Soviet Union right after the war ended?
Joesph Stalin
What policy said we will not let communism spread?
"containment policy" or "Truman Doctrine"
What is USA and Europe considered? (1st, 2nd, or 3rd world)
1st world
Who is considered second world?
Russia and other communist countries
What countries would be considered 3rd world?
any other country that does not fit into the categories of first or second
About how many people did Soviet Union lose?
21 million
Who said that the isolation of Russia is an iron curtain that separated Europe?
Winston Churchill
What plan was made up by George Marshall who was the secretary of state where the US is financing Europe recovery?
Marshall Plan (1947-1951)
What act is like a version of CIA that does stuff beyond borders?
National Security Act
What treaties were established after World War II ended?
NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and SEATO (South East Asia Treaty Organization)
What commitee of people from the House of Representatives investigated for communism including investigation unions, teachers, and Hollywood?
House UnAmerican Activities Commitee (HUAC)
What case was about a man who worked for the state department and was accused of passing secrets to Wittaker Chambers?
Alger Hiss Case
What was Alger Hiss convicted of?
Perjury or lying under oath
What HUAC member was in charge of the Alger Hiss case?
Richard Nixon
Who was in the election of 1948?
Harry Truman (Dem) and Thomas Dewey (Rep)
What campaign techniques did Truman use?
Whistle stop campaign where he would stop at little towns
According to the Chicago Tribune who won the election of 1948?
Thomas Dewey
Why was the Tribune inaccurate with the election results of 1948?
because they did a poll by telephone and only rich people owned a phone then and they were voting republican
Who actually won the election of 1948?
Harry Truman
What was the biggest event that happened during Truman's reign?
Korean War
Why was the Korean war never really considered a war?
because no ever declared war on each other
What was the main reason for the Korean war?
Korea was divided in two
What was North Korea and South Korea stand as far as government?
North Korea was pro-communist and South Korea was Anti-communist
What is the dividing line of Korea also known as?
the 38th parallel
Who led the US troops to Korea?
General Douglas McArthur
What did Gen. McArthur propose we do about the Korean war?
attack China
What did Gen. McArthur accuse Truman of?
being a communist
What year did the peace talks for the Korean war begin?
1951 and lasted 3 years
Who won the election of 1952 and 1956 and who did he run against?
Dwight Eisenhower (Rep) and ran against Adlai Stevenson (Dem)
What is the red scare?
A time when America feared communism
Who started an anti communist crusade from 1950 - 1954?
Senator Joseph McCarthy
What did McCarthy say that worried everyone?
He said that there communists in the army
What senate hearings were taking place in 1954?
Army/ McCarthy hearings
What did the senate finally vote in the "Army/McCarthy Hearings"?
to censor McCarthy
What case involved Thurgood Marchall arguing that seperate but equal is not fair?
Brown vs. Board of Education
What does with all deliberate speed mean?
that results won't happen for a while
What fourteen year old boy was found beaten in a river because he wistled at a white woman?
Emmett Till
What school and city state decided to desegregate the schools?
Central High in Little Rock Arkansas
Who from the NAACP was in charge of desegregating Central High?
Daisy Bates
What city did a bus boycott because they arrested Rosa Parks?
Montgomery Alabama
Who founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference?
Martin Luther King
What theories did Martin Luther King use?
Henry David Thoreau