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The sun heats the Earth through a method known as?
How much of the sun's radiation is absorbed by the Earth's surface?
An object moving freely in the Northern Hemisphere is deflected to the right of its intended path. This is called ______.
coriolis force
On March 21, (the spring, vernal, equinox), the sun rays are where?
striking the equator
Warm steady breezes that blow almost continuously and move toward the equator are called ____ _____.
trade winds
The Earth rotates on its axis in what direction in the Northern Hemisphere?
A scale for estimating wind speed, on land or sea
Beaufort Scale
the weight of all of the atmosphere's gases and molecules on the Earth's surface.
Atmospheric pressure
A body of air in motion is called what?
The total energy of all molecules within a substance is ______.
Wind direction is defined as the direction from which the wind is blowing (true/false)
If a flag is blowing fully extended the wind speed would be approximately _____ mph.
30 mph
When temperature and wind speed are both used to explain how cold it feels, we are referring to the _____ ______.
wind chill
What is the boiling point temperature of Fahrenheit?
212 degrees
A microburst is defined as a downdraft or ________.
What pressure instrument gives a permanent record of pressure readings?
Aneroid barograph
When a parcel of air holds all the water it can it is called_______.
The temperature at which air becomes saturated is called?
Dew point
What are the three basic cloud forms?
Cumulus, stratus, and cirrus
Which cloud has a uniform, sheet-like appearance with very little vertical development?
Moisture in the form of a gas is called?
water vapor
Tiny droplets of liquid water in contact with the surface is?
The amount of water vapor in the air compared to its water vapor capacity at a given temperature is known as?
relative humidity
The lowercase letter m (maritime) in air mass classification means?
water, high moisture, and wet
The lowercase letter c (continental) in air mass classification means?
land (low moisture and dry)
The four categories of the capital letters in a air mass classification are: P-polar, A-arctic, T-tropical, and E________.
What does the two-letter code cA describe for an air mass?
continental Arctic - dry and cold
Name the three stages of a thunderstorm.
Building, maturing, dissipating
Give the two-letter code for very moist and very warm
Give the two-letter code for exceptionally cold, very dry air mass
Give the two-letter code for a cool and moist air mass
Give the two-letter code for a very warm and dry air mass
A boundary between two air masses is called a _______.