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What is cancer?
cancer is just unchecked growth
How does cancer arise?
it arises from a loss of normal growth conrol in tissues, the balance of old and new tissue is disrupted, cells can no longer self destruct
What is adoptosis?
cell suicide
What are the two mechanisms cancer is able to spread by?
invasion and metastasis
What is invasion?
direct migration and penetration by cancer cells into neighboring tissues
What is metastasis?
ability of cancer cells to penetrate into lymphatic and blood vessels, circulate through the bloodstream, and then invade normal tissues elsewhere in the body.
What does a doctor do when there is evidence of cancer?
biopsy using piece of tissue, and also microarrays are used to determine wich genes are turned on or off in the sample, and also proteomic profiles are used
What is a good way of identifity the different causes of cancer?
studying populations
What kind of cancer is predominant in japan, us, and australia?
japan has stomach, us has colon, and australiea has skin
How can a virus cause cancer?
a virus can insert nucleic acids into the chromosomes of an infected cell, and this cell can become malignatnt
What does HPV cause?
cervical cancer
What does the bacterium helicobacter pylori do?
it causes stomach ulcers, and cauases stomach cancer
How is breast cancer related to heredity?
5 percent of breast cancers are thought to be caused by a "Breast cancer susceptibility gene"
How often is hereditary conditions thought to be involved in all cancer cases?
less than 10%
How much us death does cancer account for?
one quarter, just behind heart disease
How has the cancer rate compared to other diseases changed?
it has only decrease slightly, while other diseases are down substantially
What is the most fatal cancer in men and women?
What trend is there seen in lung cancer for women?
the death rate is more than 2 tiem what it was 25 years ago
What is PSA testing?
prostate specific antigen
What have breast cancer rates for women done?
after increasing rapidly in the 1980's they have leveled off due to more mamograms and less use of hrt
What does the american cancer society recommend in our diet to help prevent cancer?
5 or more serving of fruit and vegetables
What does AMS recommend for exercise for cancer?
30 minutes 5 days a week
What percentage of adults don’t engage in leisure time activity?
one fourth
What has happened to the prevalence of obesity in kids since 1980?
it has tripled
How does obesity compare in states to 1992?
in 92 just 12 had 50% obesity, now they all do today