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What was the Renaissance?
a period of great cultural and artistic change that began in Italy around 1350 and spread throughout Europe
What is humanism?
concern with interest and values
What is the difference between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance?
Middle Ages - people often turned their thoughts toward heaven

Renaissance - religious but focused on what people could achieve in this world
What is a patron?
supporter - usually of the arts
How did Lorenzo Medici affect the city of Florence?
encouraged art and learning because he loved poetry and painting

he paid scholars and artists to pursue their work
What are the classics?
works of literature from ancient Greece, Rome and Arabia
Who was Petrarch?
a poet who lived from 1304-1374
became the most celebrated poet in all Europe
Who was Michelangelo?
one of the greatest Renaissance artists - used classical ideas such as balance and form
Who was Leonardo da Vinci?
humanist painter from Italy

was also a scientist, engineer and musician
What discovery did Nicolaus Copernicus make?
Earth seemed to orbit around the sun once a year