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When did the Maya civilization develop?
about 600 years after the decline of the Olmec culture

1000 B.C.
Define classic period.
is an important time of cultural achievement for a civilization
Describe the game pokta-pok.
*players wore helmets and padding on their arms and legs
*were not allowed to touch the 5 pound rubber ball
*teams rushed up and down court trying to get the ball through a stone hoop
What was the Maya's most important crop?
What is maize?
What religion did the Maya practice?
Describe the life of the Maya boys.
When they became teens they moved into large group homes. There they learned to play the ball game and to become soldiers.
Describe the life of Maya girls.
Girls stayed home and were strictly raised by their mothers. They learned to cook maize and other food and to run a household.
According to Maya belief, what were the three levels of the universe?
the upperworld of the heavens
the middleworld of the humans
the underworld of the dead
What is a glyph?
a writing symbol, often carved into stone, that stands for an object or a sounds
What is a stela?
a tall, flat stone, often carved with writing, used to mark an important historical event
In what areas of learning did the Maya particularly excel?
mathematics and astronomy