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What is the Arabian Peninsula?
a huge peninsula in southwestern Asia
What three bodies of water surround the Arabian Peninsula?
1. Persian Gulf on the east
2. Arabian Sea to the south
3. Red Sea to the west
What are the three environmental areas of Arabia?
1. Jabal al-Hijaz mountains
2. Arabia's east coast
3. inner part of the Arabian coast - mostly desert
How does Arabia's desert environment vary?
stone cliffs
uninhabitable areas
winter cloudbursts that allow plants to grow

all have oven-like heat in the summer and lack of water
What is an oasis?
a well-watered area in the desert
Why are oases important to people?
crops can be grown in the soil of these areas

some are large enough to support towns
What group of people lived in southwestern Arabia?
Sabaean (suh BEE un) civilization
What group of people lived in northern Arabia?
people from the kingdom of Nabataea(nab uh TEE uh)
Why were camels useful for desert travel?
because they could carry heavy loads and go for days without water
What is a caravan?
a group of people and animals traveling together
What two groups of people moved often in Arabia?
Mountain Herders
Who were the Bedouins?
family groups who lived mostly in the desert traveling in caravans and sleeping in tents