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What is a caliph?
a Muslim leader who had both political and religious authority
What was the capital of the caliphate?
What is a mosque?
a place of worship where Muslims go for daily prayers
What medical advances did Avicenna discover?
he described how some diseases were spread through air and water
stress could cause stomach problems
cancer could be fought with surgery
Describe medical care in the caliphate.
There were many doctors. Some treated patients in hospitals. Others worked in "moving hospitals." Traveling medical teams carried beds, medicines and other supplies by camel.
Muslims contributed to what areas of mathematics?
Arabic Numbers
What is astronomy?
the study of the stars and planets
Why were Muslims interested in astronomy?
the Islamic calendar was based on the moon's movement
What is the astrolabe?
a Greek instrument used figure out the position of the stars

(Muslims improved this tool)
What features must a mosque contain?
mosque must face Mecca
special nooks showed people the direction of Mecca
tall towers for religious leaders
walled-in courtyards to hold worshipers
What is The Arabian Nights?
a book that holds favorite folktales from Persia, India, Arabia and other places
What musical instruments come from the Arab culture?
oud - developed into the lute