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Every mL of rumen fluid contains _________ fiber bacteria that is doubled every _________.
10-15 billion; 8-10 hours
Suger bacteria is doubled every ___________.
1-2 hours
Hepatic Portal System:
blood from stomach, intestines, spleen and pancreas pass through the liver before going to the heart
Functional units of the inner rumen wall; Absorb VFA’s
yellow discoloration of the skin, whites of the eyes, etc., due to an increase of bile pigments in the blood, often symptomatic of certain diseases, as hepatitis
Acidic acid is used in the ruminant for ___________________________.
: Energy and fat formation; leaves liver, enters blood and goes to mammary glands so that it can be synthesized for milk fat synthesis
Propionic Acid is used in the ruminant for ________________________.
Converts to glucose… blood glucose arises from this!!!
Butyric Acid is used in the ruminant for ______________________.
energy and fat formation
Stretch Receptors:
all around stomach; sense as stomach fills and signal full
Parietal Cells (Oxyntic Cells):
Produce HCL
Chief Cells:
Produce pepsinogen (inactive form of a protein digesting enzyme)
Stomach secretions are stimulated by _____________________.
vision, smell, taste and thinking of food
Stomach secretions are inhibited by ______________________________.
anger, fear, fright, tension, repulsive sights etc.
inactive form of an enzyme
Factors Inhibiting Gastric Motility
Fat in duodenum
Solutions with high osmolarity
A diet with high nutrient density