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Digestive Tract
a continuous flexible muscular tube from the mouth to the anus around which the body of the animal is built
Adequate energy being consumed no protein
-leads to big belly due to water accumulation
Starving, no energy, no protein
Which animal has the simplest digestive tract?
Functions of the digestive tract?
-storage of food
-prepare food for absorption
-absorb usable product
-reject undigested residue
-provide site for fermentation
-kill pathogens
Digestive trats evolved based on...
the feeding habits of the animal and the type of food it consumed
Carnivores digestive tract:
-short, small volume, minimally compartmentalized digestive tract
-Brief storage->rapid passage
Herbivore digestive tract:
-large volume, compartmentalized and/ or hind-gut
-fermentation->slow passage
Omnivores digestive tract:
-great diversity in tracts so the characteristics vary depending on the animal and its diet