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What are the 2 types of FOIA Request
Simple and Complex
What part of a Unit Type Code (UTC) can be classfied?
Mission Capability Statement (MISCAP)
What MUST you do with unsealed containers, "DO NOT FOWARD" that remain in action offices at the close of business?
Impact to determine classification of contents and protect them accordingly
When is the AF IMT 209, Communications and Information Management After Action Report, provided to an individual?
Before they deploy
What architecture view is a description, including graphics, systems and interconnections supporting warfighting functions?
What is not a FOIA exemption?
Administrative Rules and Practices
What information life cycle occurs when the Government provides access to information through transmission or publication through use of establish delivery channels?
What is the normal time at which personnel are considered for job rotation?
24 months (2 years)
How often are systems reaccredited?
Every 3 years
What type of operating system is designed primarily to support workstations & their connection?
Who are the information managers customers?
Information Users, both internal and external
Only individuals with the appropriate security clearance, who are required by their work to generate classified source information, may classify documents _________?
What job components make up the on-the-job training program?
Knowledge, Proficiency, & Experience
What does the staging area review to determine what records are eligible for disposal?
SF FORM 135, Records Transmittal and Receipt
Which element of a Privacy Act statement provides a list of where and why the information will be disclosed outside the DOD?
Routine Uses
Who serves as the chiarperson for the Utilization Training and Workgroup (UT&W) workshop?
MAJCOM Functional Manager
A letter of condolence sent by a commander to a military spouse is an example of what type of official AF Communication?
Personal Letter
What term best describes the ability for web-based content creation and publishing?
Content Management
To help control accountable communications while in the Air Force channels, the Air Force uses __________?
Container Numbers
What are search directories?
Hierachical Databases
What duty is not a function of the base function manager?
Serve as a voting representative during careerfield UT&W
What competencies is not a part of the Enterprise Information Management (EIM)?
User Assistance
Who, on a base, completes the DD Form 2564 Annual Report Freedom of Information Act?
Base FOIA Manager
What type of request take substantial time and cause significant impact on responding units?
What provides a single point of management for Windows-based user accounts, clients, servers, and applications?
Active Directory
At what level do Airman master their primary duty skills?
What is not a duty of the Client Support Administrator (CSA)?
Maintain a list of users and passwords for security purposes
How are electronic records maintained in a deployed location?
According to the record dispostion schedule
What technologies does the Air Force use to deliver the right in information to the right people?
What does a major command (MAJCOM) network operations and security center provide commanders?
Real-Time Operational Network Intrusion Detection
The life cycle runs from _______ of information, through transmission, and /or storage to the eventual ________ of the information?
Creation, Dispostion
How should responses to requests for information from news media representatives be handled?
Encouraged to eliminate the need for requestors to invoke the provision of the FOIA
What are the Air Force's foundation of leadership?
Core Values
What is the objective of the network operations standardization and evaluation program?
To create a working environment that inspires trust, teamwork, and a quest for improvements
What does the standardization and evaluation program apply to?
Work center and all personnel assigned to the base network control center
When must commanders and decision-makers apply operations security?
Earliest stages of planning
Who is the lead command for combat information transfer system?
AF Communications Agency
Who is responsible to publish minimum standards and associated security devices suitable for the storage and proctection of classified information?
General Services Administration (GSA)
Who provides technical assistance to assigned network contrl center?
Network Operations & Security Center (NOSC)
What are the following ways we manage information in support of information resources management?
Security & Privacy
What is NOT a purpose of classified markings and designations?
Provide Guidance on Disposition of Records
What best describes the operation level of Force Development?
At what level do Airman combine highly occupational and enduring comptencies do apply broad professional leadership capabilities?
What is a cluster?
A basic unit of logical storage on a hard disk
Where are public folders usually located?
Exchange Server
What effect does an overload of 3-level personnel do to a base?
Forces a significant training burden on the base
What task is the network control center responsible for?
To provide around the clock situation awareness and direction
What type of records does the SF Form 135, Records Transmittal and Receipt, identify?
Retirement to a federal center, staging center, or transfer to another organization
What is used to determine the disposal of Privacy Act records?
Records Retention Schedule
What form is used only within the originating directorates, division, branch or section of office?
A computer system's information should be protected to the?
Level of its Classification
What must the system manager do to avoid unauthorized disclosure of Privacy Act iformation?
Verify the identity of all requestors
What organization performs network and system element management?
Network Contrl Center (NCC)
Who maintains a "hands-on" rule in the mail process?
Activity Office (AO)
Who establishes standards and methods for analyzing, categorizing, designing, controlling, producing, and maintaining all department forms?
AF Departmental Publishing Office (ADO)
On what is disposition based?
Time, Period & Event
What eliminates GSA (General Service Administration) authority over information technology procurement?
Where can you find an outline of the training information managers will need throughout their career?
CFETP (Career Field Education Training Plan)
When you mail classified material, address containers ot the?
Office that is to take action on it
When considering declassification instructions for originally classifed information, how long would you classify information when a specific date or event cannot be detemined for declassification?
10 years form the date of the original classification
What does the combat information transfer system management office develop an maintain?
Voice Switching System & Telecommunications Management System
Where are the labels placed on the file folders?
When should you establish a formal paper version requirement for publication?
Missin-Related need only
Mulitpurpose written briefs that provide information, foward items of interest, or summarize problems are?
Background Papers
Who identifies qualified subject matter experts to help with the development of speciality knowledge tests?
MAJCOM Functional Manager
What are the 2 indorsement formats pertaining to AF correspondence?
Same Page and Separate Page
What do people involved in training decisions use as part of instructional systems development?
Occupational Analysis
What outlines the work center description and approved varainces for the IM flights in peacetime?
Air Force Manpower Standard
What term best describes preparing Airman to successfully lead and act in the midst of rapidly evolving environments?
Goal of Force Development
What architecture view describes tasks and activities, operational elements, and information flow required to accomplish or support a military operation?
Which program ensures the authenticity of telecommunications?
Communications Security (COMSEC)
When units change status but do NOT change function or mission, files are?
Continued and cut off the same way and at the same time as if no change of status had occurred
Who initiates special and reprint form reviews on an "as needed basis"?
Forms Manager
What type of records does the staging area store?
Permanent and Temporary
What is not a nondirective publication?
What security program is designed to deny unauthorized persons information from interception and analysis from telecommunications systems?
Emmision Security (EMSEC)
What type of backup always requires 2 tapes to restore your data?
What is the purpose of the planning and implementation management seminar?
Provide just-in-time training on the base-level planning and implementation flight
What type of Memorandum For record is an in-house document to record information that would otherwise not be recorded in writing?
Separate Page
Who provides functional expertise and direct customer service to help staff support information managers?
Base Functional Managers
What is NOT a basis for a form's biennial review?
Date electronically released
What defines the mission a unit type code is capable of accomplishing?
Mission Capability Statement (MISCAP)
Records not authorized for a specific disposition have a retention period of ________, all others are considered temporary?
How must your electronic and paper filing systems function?
What is the highest class of information in the cognitive hierarchy?
Normally, we consider upgrades from an original software source as?
A continuation of the original license
What is the key to the total training program?
Upgrade Training (UGT)
What type of request allows other Air Force directives to give individuals access to Privacy Act records?
Why is a transfer of large quantities of Privacy Act records in bulk to the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office NOT considered a release of personal information?
Sheer Volume makes it difficult to readily identify specific individual records.
What is the Informatoin Flight (SCB) responsible for within the communications squadron?
Provides network control center operations to include the help desk
What common environments are at the center of the Global Combat Support Systems (GCSS)?
Operating and Data
What actions are appropriate when unauthorized disclosure of FOUO record occurs?
Appropriate administrative actions to fix the cause, disciplinary actions as needed, and notify the originating organization
What term is utilized to document the process and approval of any form?
DD Form 67
How does the records disposition program play a key role in the management of Air Force records?
Economic and Efficient Management
The purpose of conducting end-of-duty day security checks in units that process classified information is to ensure?
Classified Information is stored appropiately
As technology advances, to what type of publishing system is the Air Force migrating?
What is NOT a notable feature of NT file system?
Integrated file de-compression
Under the EIM puzzle, what is it called when a series of steps necessary for the initiation, tracking, and deliver of services or outputs w/the capability to cut across existing of future organizational boundaries?
What term best describes a collaborative environment to create, manage, and track form based information to automate common business processes?
Information Management Tool (IMT)
What is the primary purpose of information?
To aid in decision making
Where should copies of vital records be stored?
Facility not subject to the same Emergency or Disaster but still reasonably accessible
Who ensures that action offices package and address communications correctly and that essential mailing elements stand out?
Activity Distribution Office (ADO)
Any communication can be broken down into 3 parts: the ________, the ________, and the ________
Sender, Message, Audience
What type of address is the physical address of a network device?
Media Access Control
What is considered a standard mailing?
200 or more pieces or 50 lbs. per mailing
The authority of the Government and the constraints under which the government must act are defined by?
Public Law
What type of security of classification involves information that is extracted or paraphrased?
What does the Air Force forms management program provide to help management capture information?
Data Collection Tools
What is not a description of files cutoff?
Transfer to eligible records to the Recrods Staging Area
What function is associated with the records management IM core comptency?
Web Records Information Management System (AFRIMS)
To recycle Privacy Act material, what MUST recyling contracts include?
Specific contract clause on Safeguarding privacy material until its destruction
What is used if a software license is server hosted or for concurrent users?
Metering Mechanism
Who determines whether the recipient has a legitimate need for access to the classified information?
Who conducts quarterly IM forums to ensure personnel are kept abreast of career field changes?
Base Functional Manager
Which class of mail is use ONLY by authorized publishers and registered newsagents?
Who has the responsibility of ensuring job rotation?
Base Functional Manager
What does a standard licensing criterion ensure?
Personnel accessing the network are knowledgeable of their roles and responsibilities
What are the overarching elements of operationalizing the network?
Readiness and Operational Reporting
When a basic directive is superseded, its supplement?
Automatically stays in effect
Which office acts as the bridge between the action office at the BITC?
Activity Distribution Office (ADO)
Memorandums or messages must be replaced by a revised publication with ____ calendar days after the date of the memorandum or message.
Which forms should you use to record the destruction of Secret and Confidential information?
AF IMT 310 or AF Form 1565
What is the plans flight (SCX) responsible for within the communications squadron?
Manages Activities relating to budgeting and billing
What IMT is used for documentation during upgrade training?
AF IMT 623a
What are self-service applications?
Allows users to obtain or update information perviously processed by a third party
What are the building blocks used to create operational plans?
Unit Type Code (UTC)
If an OPR released an emergency message change to an AF Departmental Publication, within how many days do they have to issue a formal IC?
30 Calendar Days
What two items, used together, enable us to trace a container from the sender through the base information transfer system into the US Postal Service, and on to the receiver?
Container Numbers and AF IMT 12 Accountable Container Receipt
In which section of Part I of the Air Force publishing product announcement would you find General Information?
Section D
When must components provide a final response to FOIA request that complies with the requesting requirements?
20 working days
What should agencies develop to respond to emergencies or disaster that may damage records?
Plan of Action
What type of publication changes are issued to announce only critical information needed to meet mandatory effective date set by public law and also delete or modify a procedure that could involve public controversy or create adverse public opinion of the Air Force?
Interim Change
The objective of electronic communications management is to create clear, efficient, and effective communications. The AF does this by preparing all Air Force correspondence using?
Plain Language
What is the USAF methodology for organizing, training, equiping, and sustaining rapidly responsive air space forces to meet defense strategy requirements?
Air and Space Expeditionary Force (AEF)
At what level should content managers be assigned under the established tiered management concept?
Why is the file plan filed as the first item in a filing system?
To help retrieve filed documents efficiently
There are 2 types of vulnerabilities, _________ and _________?
Administrative and Technical
What type of IMT change effect the visual and physical image?
What is the fundamental policy for information collections and reports?
Control and Minimize the Burden
Which system helps joint forces commanders synchronize the actions of air, land, sea, and special operations forces?
Global Command and Control Systems (GCCS)
What protection is applied to FOUO documents during normal duty hours?
Place them in an out-of-sight location
What communication flight provides technical and systems for wing communication and computer systems including ground radio?
Mission Systems Flight (SCM)
A record requested by a member of the public who follows rules established by the proper authority in the DOD shall not be witheld in whole or in part unless the record is from ________ or _______ disclosure under the FOIA?
Mandatory Partial; total
The two obejectives of EIM are to ________ and _______ a "total solution" for full deployment of EIM capabilities.
Develop, Validate
In what types of local area networks are resource and security management fully centralized?
Who develops an implementation plan with the concurrence of the requester?
Communications & Information Systems Officer
With what does the information assurance (IA) program integrate to achieve information superiority?
Computer, Communication, and Emmision Security

What is the organizing and transforming construction for managing information technology throughout the Department of Defense?
Global Information Grid
How does automated security incident measurement software enhance network security?
By logging, analyzing, and identifying suspicious network traffic.
What is not an authorized filing arrangement for records?
What must you consider to achieve a balance between operational expedience and communications security (COMSEC)?
Classification of the Information and Speed of service required
What document describes the operational concepts for the global environment?
Joint Vision 2010
FOIA appeals should be post marked within how many calender days?
What is specifically responsible for automating the preparation and maintenance of the files maintenance and disposition plan?
To reduce costly, ineffective, and rebundant information collections and reporting requirements is the information collections and reports management programs ________?
Whenever entering an accountable container into the BITC or recieving an accountable container from the BITC, what must accompany the container?
AF IMT 12, Accountable Container Reciept
What must records management standards and procedures seek to accurately and completelly document?
The policies and transaction of the federal government
What items are qualified as records?
Electronic version of maps & photographs received by an agency of the US government
Who manages the base staging area and trains all personnel within 3 months, whose duties include filing, maintaining, and disposing of records?
Records Manager
Who ensures offices of records recieve a staff assistance visit (SAV) at least every 24 months?
Functional Area Records Manager (FARM)
Who ensures records custodians attend record management training, schedules training for personnel who file, maintain, and dispose of records, as required?
Chief of Office of Record (COR)
Who maintains the office files plan and accoutability for active and inactive records?
Records Custodian (RC)
What does the vital records program ensure?
Continuity of government during national emergencies
What are the 2 types of vital records?
Emergency-operating records and records to protect rights
How does AFRIMS ensure standardization and accuracy of every record series?
By ensuring offices Air Force-wide use the same disposition instructions for records
What does AFRIMS provide from the records disposition schedule?
An on-line database of tables and rules
What type of material is never entered into AFRIMS?
Sensitive, classified, or PA material
What is a comprehensive group of series that contain records disposition schedules approved by the national archives and records administration?
Decision Logic Table
What are the first and second numbers of the decision logic tables associated with?
The first number is the publication series and the second number is assigned for control purposes only
What program generates the file disposition control labels?
Where is the disposition control label placed when a series is filled in more than one container?
Place on the first container or on each container
What is shown on the file folder label?
The item number, series title, and the office of record
What is added to the file folder label when there is a retention period of 1 year or longer?
The year (calendar or fiscal)
What items should be removed from a document prior to filing?
Remove all mail control forms send reciepts, envelops, and memo routing or coordination slips, except those containg remarks of significant record value
How often should the records custodian (RC) review the file plan?
At least annually
What determines the cutoff for active records?
The retention period
What are the 3 cutoff periods?
NA, monthly, calendar/fiscal year
What are the two categorized areas of disposition?
Transfer and destruction
What is the length of time the Air Force keeps a record?
Retention period
What retention period do records have that are not authorized for a specific disposition?
When can records with a retention period of more than 2 years be retired to the proper federal records center any time after the cutoff?
In hostile or potentially hostile areas
How long does an AF IMT 525 stay in suspense with the records manager if a disposition cannot be determined?
6 months
Who manages the staging area for a base?
Records Manager (RM)
Who must approve a waiver to grant small volume of 2 to 8 year retention records to be kept in the current files area?
Records Manager (RM)
What type of records does the federal records center accept?
Only records that have at least 3 years or more retention
How are records destroyed?
By any method that prevents compromise
Who overseas the central e-file areas to ensure personnel are in compliance with e-file guidance?
Functional Area Records Manager (FARM)
What type of existing products does ERM utilize?
Commercial off-the-shelf and non-development item products already procured for Air Force use
_______ is defined as, Official daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notices.
Federal Register
What should you check prior to releasing personal information to third parties?
Make sure it is authorized under the Privacy Act (PA), consider the consequences, and check the accuracy of the information
What are the 2 ways a PA statement may be given?
Orally or in writing
What 4 items must a PA statement include?
Authority, purpose, routine dues, and disclosure
How are SSN's protected?
What role does the defense reutilization and marketing office in records disposition?
Disposes of paper products
What are the steps in maintaining a comprehensive publications management program?
Developing, coordinating, and producing
What are standards?
An agreed upon set of principles by which we do business
Who consults with the publishing manager before developing a publication?
Office of primary responsibility
Who provides a 24-hour last chance review?
Publishing Managers
What is considered auxiliary publications that extend or add material to publications issued by higher headquarters or agencies?
What are information publications which normally are "how to" documents and my include procedures for implementing policies?
What are the 2 types of visual aids?
Permanent and Temporary
What are some restrictions on publication distribution?
FOUO, limited, and special distribution
How many iterim changes can be issued to an Air Force departmental publication?
1 to 5
What are the 2 types of changes?
Iterim and emergency change
How many days does an OPR have to revise a publication after the release of a message or memorandum change?
180 days
What are the 2 types of publication reviews?
Special and Biennial
Who is the owner of a form?
The Office of Primary Resonpsibility (OPR)
How often are forms review conducted?
Every 2 years
Who ensures a prescribing directive publication supports each form?
Forms Manager
What 3 types of form are exempt from a prescribing directive?
Office, test and one-time forms
What type of IMT product is issued at base level and is used by 2 or more assigned units?
Field IMT's
What type of product does not have to be prescribed and is not issued an IMT license?
Office Forms
Why are IMT's numbered?
For easy reference and effective management
How often are reviews conducted for IMT products?
Every 2 years
Eplain the e-publishing suite?
A single IMT that includes the AF 673, DD 67 and a memo template for rescinding a publication
What are the 2 types of changes to an IMT product?
Version and Revision
What information does the public have a right to?
Information concerning the activities of its government.
Who obtains recommendation from the OPR for records?
FOIA Manager
Who provides training for the FOIA program?
FOIA Manager
Who finds and provides teh requested records?
How many days must a final response deteremination be made?
20 working days
What can requesters do if they are dissatisfied with the results of a FOIA request?
Sue the Air Force
What type of request is processed quickly and in small in volumes?
Who does a requester submit an appeal to?
Secretary of the Air Force
What report is mandated by the statue, reported on a fiscal basis, and submitted to the Attorney General?
Annual Freedom of Information Act Report
Protect individuals from unwarranted invasion of their peronal privacy is know as the ____________?
Privacy Act of 1974
What must the Air Force publish that is a description of its records systems covered by the PA?
Federal Register
Who is reponsible to manage and safeguard the system?
System Managers
How many workdays, if possible, should you give a copy of the requested records to the requestor?
30 workdays
What may a system manager ask if a third party is present during a record review?
Written Consent
What are the 4 headings for a PA statement?
Authority, Principle, Purposes, Routine Uses, and Disclosure
What is displayed when an iformation systems contains PA information?
Warning Banners
Who can request access to their records?
Individuals or their designated representative
When can you release information to a third party?
When the subject agrees orally or in writing
How many days does a system manager have to process access denials?
5 workdays
How is PA information protected?
According to its sensitivity
_________ is the process of sharing ideas, information and messages with others.
How should you write to identify who is responsible for what actions?
Active Voice
What should the average sentence length be?
20 Words
Who is responsible for using the correct mailing address and functional address symbol?
What type of communications is official, less structured, and on a private matter?
Personal Letter
What do endorsements add?
Comments directly on the original memorandum, message, or previous endorsement
What are the 3 types of Memorandum For records?
Separate page, explanatory, and brief
What are the 3 classes of Air Force electronic messaging?
Organizational high grade service, individual medium grade service, and simple mail transfer protocol
What class uses personal computer card security token?
Organizational high grade service
What class includes non-organizational messages and is digitally signed?
Individual medium grade service
What makes up a public key infrastructure?
Personnel, policies, procedures, and components to enable cryptographic functions
What is replacing or supplementing formal Air Force formats for communications?
Electronic Messaging
What are the 2 ways a message can be considered authentic?
By contacting the sender, or by a digital signature
What is the term referring to the total system that collects, processes, and delivers communications?
Base Information Transfer System (BITS)
What is considered an overseas extension of the USPS?
The Military Postal Service (MPS)
What are the two classifications decisions?
Original or Derived
What item is an original classification?
Initial decision that an item needs to be classified
Who is responsible for ensuring individuals who need access to classified information sign the SF 312?
The unit commander or staff agency chiefs
Who is responsible for protecting and accouting for classified materail at all times?
Custodian of classified material
When unauthorized individuals have had access to the classfield information is a?
What does the "declassify on" line indicate?
The duration of classification
Who acts as the agent for all official on-base activities?
When a response is not recieved on a reciept for classified information, within what time frame is a tracer action done?
30 days for CONUS and 45 days outside CONUS
What does the Air Force invest in its Airman to develop their abilities and train them in the desired skills?
Time and Resources
What must be completed prior to 3-level performing a task unsupervised?
Task Certification
What is the special role of information managers in every organization for overall strategic information planning and itegration?
Information Consultants
What is critical among all information managers in every organization and at all levels?
A network of open communications
Who are some of the information manager's external customers?
Federal agencies, Congress or other state or local government agencies
What are the two objectives of Enterprise Information Mangement (EIM)?
To develop and validate a total solution for full deployment of EIM capabilities AF-wide
________ allows users to store, retrieve, and share electronic documents.
Document Management
________ integrates and aggregates data and displays, stores, and reuses analysis for knowledge refinement.
Knowledge Management
________ is the interaction among two or more individuals encompassing a variet of behavior, including communication and information sharing.
Collaborative Tools
What are the other 3 core competencies in the Joint Vision 2010, besides air and space superiority, precision employment, and global attack?
Rapid global mobility, information superiority, and agile combat support
On what does the MAJCOM functional manager act as the primary reviewer?
CDC training and classification waiver request
What does job rotation foster in an individual?
Personal and professional growth and breadth of experience
Who must ensure the range of air and space capability and expeditionary task force options are emphasized in all plans?
Why are Air Force expeditionary units formed?
To accomplish a specific function
What are the type of personnel is critical to the Air Force in providing a strong national defense capability?
Skilled and Trained
Who orders and issues the CDC material?
Unit Training Managers
Who is responsible for conducting additional evaluations and certifying a trainee's qualifications on a designated task?
What is the minimum rank of a certifier?
Staff Sergeant or civilian equivalent
What part of the CFETP gives information necessary for the overall management of the IM career field?
Part I
How many sections are in Part II of the CFETP?
What is the Air Force job qualification standard?
A comprehensive task list that describes a particular job type or duty position
What is a certifying official?
A person assigned by the commander to determine an individual's ability to perform task required standards
What does the master task list contain?
All duty position requirements
Once initially certified, why would individuals not be require to maintain core task qualifications?
The task is part of the current duty position
What is the goal of the utilization and training workshop?
To establish a viable CFETP
What award is name for a former comptroller and recognizes a team of 2 to 25 people who worked together to enhance communication and information operations?
General Edwin W. Rawlings
What award recipient is chosen from the winners of teh communications and information professional of the year?
General Billy Mitchell Award
What base award recognizes up to three individuals for their contribution to the overall information assurance posture of the base?
Information Assurance Professional of the Year
What, besides aquisition, sustainment, and implementation, is the CITS program responsible for?
Upgrade of high speed, broadband and digital information transport assets.
What are some domain architecture projects within the CITS?
Data network domain architecture and the MAN and LAN architectures
Who does the GCCS help by synchronizing the actions of air, land, sea, space, and special operations forces?
Joint Force Commanders
What document outlines the GCSS leading edge information technologies necessary to support war fighting strategy?
Joint Vision 2020
What does the GCSS incorporate that allow customer specific access while permitting the customization of information within the business information system?
Air Force Portal
What is at the center of the GCSS (Global Combat Support System)?
Common operating environment and the common data environment
What does the Joint Technical Architecture (JTA) provide?
A minimum set of essential standards that, when implemented, faciitates this flow of information
What are the interest sets of views?
Operational, system and technical?
To what type of information environment is the DOD moving?
Net-centric environment
What is the NOSEP (Network Operations Standardization and Evaluation Program)
A systematic, continuous self-evaluation program for Air Force Network Operations
What is the objective of incident reporting?
Improve overall security posture
What must be present in a device to emit a compromising signal?
Classified Information
At what level does implementation of planned communications and information system fall?
Base Level
What is a host wing and MAJCOM approved roadmap and ivestment plan?
Communications and information system blueprint
What does a technical solution summarize?
The full cost and recommended course of action to satisfy the user's need
When does implementation begin?
When the requester obtains funds and other resources
What act is established the requirement for every information system to be certified and accredited?
The Computer Security Act of 1987
How long does an accreditation last?
No more than 3 years
What are the 3 types of accreditations?
Site, System, and Type
Who appoints an equipment custodian?
Organizational commander
Who is responsible for all computer equipment assigned to a base?
Computer System Officer
What community do the CSA's support?
Functional Community
What is a very high bit-rate DSL (VDSL)?
A new variation of DSL that requires a telephone line with fiber-optic cables
What type of IP address is used by the host computer to send a message back to itself and used for testing or troubleshooting?
Loopback (
What is the most common type media used for networks today?
Twisted-pair cable
What network media consist of a single-mode or mulitmode cable?
What do repeaters remove?
Unwanted noise in an incoming signal
What act as an entrance to another network?
What program is loaded by a boot program and manages all other programs in a computer?
The Operating System (OS)
What is the table tha an operating system maintains on a hard disk that provides a map of the clusters in which a file has been stored?
File allocation table (FAT)
What file system offers a number of improvments over the older file allocation table?
New Technology File System (NTFS)
What is partitioning?
Process of dividing the hard disk space
How many partitions can be designated as active at any given time?
What is the random access memeory of a printer called?
What act may be violated by using government-owned software for personal use?
Copyright Act of 1976
What is ASIM (automated security incident measurement) used to examine?
Context of network traffic and data flow
What are the 2 primary goals of any good anti-virus software program?
Prevention and Dectection
What does the power supply convert?
Alternating to direct current
What can you use to get a system into a bootable state if it fails to start?
Emergency Repair Disk
When should you create an ERD?
When your computer is functioning well
What does ASR (automated system recovery) not restore?
Date Files
What is the most common device for backups?
Tape Drive