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Chemical reaction when albumin was subjected to heat

Albumin +O2 → C + H2O

Carbon - black coloration

H2O - moisture

What happens to aluminun foil and sand when subjected to heat?

No change

Which evaporated quicker between alcohol and water?

Why is that so?

Alcohol - Organic

Alcohol is more volatile than water because of the weaker bonds between its molecule. Whereas water has h-bonding which makes it too long to evaporate at open air

Measure of a substance to burst into flame through fire and combustion


What happened when wax was subjected to heat?

Catches fire and melted

What material was used in testing the combustibility?

Wax and NaCl

What are the components that makes the wax combustible

Carbon and Hydrogen

Ability to sustain a fire.

The difficulty of a substance to ignite


Ability of a solute to dissolve in a solvent


What materials were used in testing the solubility?

NaCl and Oil

Why NaCl dissolved in water?

Because water is an inorganic polar solvent, so it is expected to dissolve an inorganic polar solute as it follows the general rule "like dissolves like"

What was being used to release the Nitrogen in the albumin?

Soda lime

What was being converted and produced when albumin and soda lime was heated together?

Organic N → Inorganic N

Produces ammonia

(Pink lithmus paper turned into blue- ph: basic)

Albumin + NaOH → color?

? color + Pb(OAc)2 → produce ?

Yellow solution

Black precipitate

Hair + NaOH → color?

Solution + Pb(OAc)2 → produce?


Dark brown precipitate

What was being tested when albumin and hair added with Na(OH) and Pb(OAc)2?

Presence of S

Which can be concluded when it produces black coloration in the reaction, as organic S was converted into inorganic.

What reagent was used to test the presence of Phosphorus?


Casein + Nitric acid + H2SO4 → color?


When Cu wire was heated why does it produce green flame?

The green flame was due to the decomposition of halide

What are the materials used in testing the rates of reaction

H2SO4 + KMnO4

H2SO4 + KMnO4 + FeSO4 = color?

Rate of reaction?



H2SO4 + KMnO4 + alcohol = color?Rate of reaction?



True or false

Generally organic compounds reacts slower due to strong covalent bond within the molecule


Ex. Alcohol + H2SO4 + KMnO4

In testing for nitrogen what color does the lithmus paper produced?

What does it indicates?



Chemical formula for ammonia


What is the role of the Na(OH) in testing the sulfur component


What color indicates the presence of sulfur

Black precipitate

What indicates the presence of phosphorus

Yellow precipitate

Copper acetylide