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What is minority influence?

Form of social influence where a minority persuades others to adopt their beliefs

Leads to internalisation

How does consistency help minority influence?

- Increases amount of interest from other people

- Can be agreement between people in minority group (synchronic consistency)

- Or saying same thing over time (diachronic consistency)

How does commitment help minority influence?

- May engage in extreme or risky activities to gain attention

- Makes majority group believe them more because they're prepared to put themselves at risk for their cause

- Augmentation principle

How does flexibility help minority influence?

- Being inflexible in views may disinterest people

- So minority needs to be willing to adapt and compromise and get right balance between consistency and flexibility because dont want to be seen as too rigid in beliefs

How does the process of minority influence happen?

- All three factors make people think about the topic

- Hear something new/different- makes you think rather than hearing same things over again

- Deeper processing

- Over time, people switch from majority viewpoint to minority making that the majority- the 'snowball effect'

Moscovici et al study

- Moscovici et al showed 36 blue slides which varied in intensity and asked pps to identify if blue or green- 2 confederates said green on all trials and 8% gave same answer as them on at least one trial- In another condition- there was an inconsistent minority and agreement fell to 1.2%- Third condition- no confederates and pps gave wrong answer just 0.25% of trials

Strength of minority influence

- Support for deeper processing, shows minority influence has more enduring effect

- Martin et al gave pps message supporting particular view and measured their support

- One group listened to minority view support this view and another listened to majority

- Then exposed to conflicting view

- Found that those who listened to the minority less likely to change view

Weakness of minority influence

Artificial tasks used in most minority influence studies - such as Moscovici used slide colours

- Not representative of real life

- Lacks ecological validity

Weakness of minority influence

All American female pps

Lacks population validity

Doesnt apply to males

Weakness of minority influence

- Clark and Maass found when majority increased to 8 or 12 (Moscovici 4), compared to the minority of 2, the levels of conformity were completely lost

- Thus cant be generalised as conformity only occurred up to certain number of people

- Not representative of ratio of minority to majority in real life

- Low ecological validity