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Why do Ohio and Michigan hate each other?

disagreement over Toledo Strip (water)

Why does Michigan have an Upper Peninsula?

gave up Toledo in exchange

What did Ohio get when Michigan got the Upper Peninsula?


Why does Pennsylvania have a notch?

in order to get a port on Lake Erie

What state was Las Vegas almost a part of?


What cuts Derby Line, Vermont in ½?

the US/Canadian Border

What does the US border with Canada mostly follow out west?

the 49th Parallel

What was wrong with the location of Fort Blunder?

it was built in Canada

What was done to correct the mistake of Fort Blunder?

the US border was moved 3/4 of a mile

What is a surveyor’s chain used to measure?


The entire country was measured how many feet at a time?


During the Revolutionary War, what was still part of New York?


What are ghost states?

states that once existed but disappeared

What state did Tennessee break off from?

North Carolina

What 3 empires all had claims in the U.S?

Spain, France, and England

How did the Louisiana Purchase change the size of the US?

doubled the size of the US

In what year did the Louisiana Purchase occur?


How much did the Louisiana Purchase cost?

$15 million

Why did Napoleon give up the Louisiana Purchase for so little?

Haiti no longer belonged to France or needed supplies from North America

What river divides Missouri & Illinois?

the Mississippi River

What happened to the original capital of Illinois?

flooding caused the state line to move and place the capital in Missouri

How many states line the Mississippi River?


What is the name of the most notorious border in America?

the Mason-Dixon Line

What does the “most notorious border in America” actually mark?

the border between PA and MD and the border between MD and DE

What was the Missouri Compromise the real division between?

slave and non-slave states

How many years did the American Civil War last and approximately how many soldiers were killed?

4 years; 650,000 soldiers

What question pushed Congress over the edge into war?

who gets the West?

How many states could Texas have been broken into?


How far north did Texas once reach?

all the way to Wyoming

What year did Texans launch a revolution?


Why wasn’t California broken into smaller states?


What is the state of Jefferson called today?


What did railroads shape?


What state had an official “No Man’s Land”?


Where was Colorado gold first found?


What are the names of the four states that come together in one place?

Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado

What 2 states stick out among the boxy ones?

Idaho and Montana

In 1863, the states were split between what?

the Continental Divide

States have to present their proposed boundary lines to what body in Washington?


What is the name of the oldest state capitol in the United States?

Santa Fe

Who founded the state of Utah?

the Mormons

How many million immigrants did New York Harbor see?

12 million

Who rules Ellis Island?

New Jersey and New York share