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What is the main cause of air pollution in China?

use of coal power plants

What demonstrates that pollution conditions are some of the worst in the world in China?

9 of 10 of the world’s worst polluted cities

What is causing desertification and what is desertification?

Being caused by deforestation and is when arableland turns to desert

What is causing water pollution?

Dead animal dumping and untreated sewage

What actions are making water pollution in China worse?

Dumping of dead animals

Why are the oceans also becoming polluted? (what flows into them?)

Polluted rivers flowing into them

What type of ships are causing overfishing around Asia?

Factory ships

If overfishing continues like it has, what will happen to the oceans and fisheries and by what year?

world fisheries could collapse by 2050

What are the countries of East Asia listed in the notes?

China, Mongolia, Japan, Taiwan, North Korea,South Korea

What is the formal name of China?

People’s Republic of China

What is the relative land area and population of China?

80% of land of East Asia, largest population ofworld 1.3 billion

What 2 countries are bigger than China?

Russia and Canada

What is the land area and comparative population of Mongolia?

13% of East Asia's land, less than 1% of China'spopulation

How is the population of Mongolia described?

world's most sparsely populated

What is the population of China and its % of the world?

1.357 billion, 25% of world

Comparatively how many people in the world are Chinese?

1 in 5 people

What does “Chinese” mean?

person of the Middle Kingdom

What happened in Tiananmen Square and when?

June 1989 students demonstrated for Fifth Modernization

What is the Fifth Modernization?

democratic reforms and political freedom

What were the 4 Modernizations?

Agriculture, industry, defense, science and technology

Who was Tank Man? What did he do and why?

anonymous Chinese man; stood up to column oftanks rolling into Tiananmen Square

Why did Tank Man become a symbol of the 20th century?

he showed that the individual was more powerfulthan the group

How did the Chinese government react to the student demonstrators in Tiananmen Square?

gov’t declared them to be dissidents (politicalenemies) and opened fire on them killing 2,000 and wounding hundreds

What has been the Chinese government’s attitude/actions towards the events in Tiananmen Square?

to deny it occurred and continue to repress thefreedom of people

What does the government of China continue to do regarding citizen freedoms to this day?

repression of freedoms has continued through topresent

What was China’s one-child policy?

policy to slow growth of population with couplesallowed 1 child

When did China’s one-child policy begin?


What has happened recently to the one-child policy? Is this going to result in Chinese children having siblings? Why not? (video and discussion)

has been relaxed and population is starting togrow again; no, tradition is now calling for one–child households

What will the current generation of Chinese males and females experience due to the one-child policy?

Males experience difficulty finding someone tomarry; females may experience kidnapping due to scarcity

How has the one-child policy caused a shift in the geography of the Chinese workforce?

mostly migrant male workers have come eastsending money home to the west

How does discrimination occur geographically in China? (class discussion and video)

people born in the country are not allowed to go to school in the cities

Where do the majority of Chinese people live geographically?

70% live on 45% of the land in 12 EasternProvinces

How large are Chinese cities?

30–40 Chinese cities have populations of morethan 1 million

What traditional practices does Chinese healthcare use?

acupuncture and cupping

When, under whom, and in what kind of government was the People’s Republic of China created?

1949 under Mao Zedong as a communist country

What happened to the economy under Mao and in recent history?

tried to plan economy, has become more relaxedand fastest growing since 1980s

What % of Chinese farm what and why?

60% of Chinese farm mostly rice due to lack ofarable land

What % of Chinese land is arable?


How much has the amount of arable land shrunk? During what period? Because of what 3 reasons?

shrunk 6% between 2009–2019 due to urbanization,industrialization, and desertification

What is crowding in China’s cities causing?

air and water pollution

Why do workers not settle down in the cities?

their families are back in the west

What has resulted from the large, drifting workforce?

Crime and a corrupt police force

What was Tibet and what happened to it?

independent country was led by Buddhistreligious leader taken over by China

Who was the specific leader of Tibet when China took over?

Dalai Lama

When did China take over Tibet?


How has China violated Tibetan human rights?

restricted practice of Buddhism and encouragedChinese migration making Tibetans minorities in their own country

What has happened with the Dalai Lama, Tibet, China, and India? What may the consequences be? (discussion and video)

in exile in India; will not reincarnate if notallowed to return to Tibet due to Chinese rule

What has China encouraged in Tibet to affect the population and Tibetans?

encouraged Chinese migration making Tibetansminorities in their own country