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When did European colonization begin in Africa?


What did Europeans trade with Africans?

gold, ivory, textiles, and slaves

Why did slavery in Africa increase?

Europeans shipped Africans to the Americas to grow cash crops

What are cash crops?

crops grown to be sold

What was the effect of the slave trade in Africa?

caused a major setback in Africa as all working age adults gone

What did Europeans see the African continent as?

a source of raw material

What portion of the African continent was not claimed by Europeans?

Ethiopia, Liberia, and South Africa

How did Europeans divide the African continent?

divided the land as it suited them without regard for tribes or alliances

What affect did Europeans have on African religion and culture?

replaced with European religion and culture that they felt was superior

When did African countries begin to gain independence from Europe?

early 1900s

How did European borders affect Africa?

were maintained when new countries were created and civil wars erupted

What was apartheid and what did it resemble in the US?

separation or segregation of races; resembling Jim Crow

Who was Nelson Mandela?

anti-apartheid leader of South Africa who was imprisoned for 27 years and became the 1st black president of South Africa

What was the result of universal suffrage in South Africa?

the election of Nelson Mandela as 1st black president of South Africa

How many languages are spoken in Africa?

800 different

What is lingua franca?

the common language

What is the lingua franca of Africa?

French or English

What are the two largest religions in Africa and their percentages?

Christian - 41% and Muslim - 34%

What 2 countries have suffered religious conflicts recently?

Nigeria and Sudan

What result of a religious conflict did we study in class?

civil war in Sudan

What year did the civil war in Sudan begin?


What were the refugees in Sudan known as?

The Lost Boys of Sudan

What did the US agree to do with the refugees from Sudan and why?

agreed to resettle them because they have little chance of finding any family members alive

Why do the Sudanese refugees create a Peace Walk?

to increase awareness about the war in Sudan

What is the name of their Sudanese culture?


Why can’t the refugees return to Sudan?

because the US considers Sudan dangerous and they would not be allowed to return to the US

What is the lack of education a barrier to in Africa?

economic development

What group in Africa receives the least schooling and how much do they receive on average?

females only receive 1.2 years

What % of Africans of what age can read and write?

only 60% of people over 15

What has destroyed school systems and where?

civil wars in Angola and Somalia

How is the economy today in Africa compared to the past?

most African countries are worse off today than in 1960

What crucial system does most of Africa lack today?


How is the land in Africa cleared?

using the slash and burn method without regard to the land

What practice for farming has Zambia started and what is its purpose?

conservation farming to protect the land through better planning and use

What country once produced the world’s best diamonds and what are their conditions now?

Sierra Leone; now has worst conditions in West Africa

What percent of child and adult AIDS cases are in Africa?

70% of adults and 80% of child

What fraction of Africans have clean drinking water?

1/3 of Africans

What fraction of Africans have adequate sanitation?

1/4 of Africans