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What is the first step in the cycle of operations for the M4?


What is the cycle of operations for the M4

Firing, unlocking, extracting, ejecting, cocking (semi/burst) feeding, chambering, and locking

What initiates the firing process?

Pulling the trigger

What forces the projectile from the cartridge and down the barrel?

The gas generated by the gunpowder burning

What directs the gas from a fired round into the bolt carrier?

The gas tube

What direction does the bolt turn in unlocking?

clockwise (unlock the clock)

What is the extractor attatched to?

The boltt

What grips the rim of an expended cartridge case and withdraws it from the chamber?

The extractor

What part of the COA requires the rearward movement of the bolt carrier overriding the hammer, and forces it down to compress the hammer spring?


What does the semi-automatic disconnector allow

It allows for the firing of a single round with each trigger squeeze

What is the semi-automatic disconnector attached to ?

The trigger assembly

During recoil where does the semi-automatic disconnector engage?

On the lower hammer hook

What is sensed when the trigger nose and hammer notch are engaged?

An audible click can be heard (or thunk)

What is the difference between the semi automatic disconnector and the burst disconnector?

The burst disconnector has two hooks

If you release the trigger or run out of ammunition at any point in the middle of firing burst and you reload/pull the trigger again, does the weapon fire from where it left off or does it fire a new cycle?

It completes the previous cycle

Describe the orientation of the automatic sear when firing burst

The sear is straight up and down in single action but angles in burst

When the hammer falls forward what releases the burst cam and allows the front hook of the burst disconnector to keep it in place?

The clutch spring

What is another name for the deep notch in the burst disconnector?

The stop notch because it stops the weapon from firing more than three rounds.

How does a shooter fire another three round burst after a complete cycle of operations?

He/she has to release the trigger then pull it again in order to restart the process