"World of Delight" by Hiro Arikawa Essay

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The author of “World of delight” is Hiro Arikawa who is a light novelist in Japan. She got the tenth annual Dengeki Novel Prize in 2003 for “Shio no Machi: Wish on My Precious”, and it was her debut work. She became famous when some of her works were made into movie or TV drama, for example, “Hankyu Densha”, “Kencho Omotemashika” and so on. Especially, she was catapulted into fame by “The Library War (Toshokan Senso)” series. It won the first prize of entertainment for the first half of 2006 chosen by Hon no Zasshi's, and also won the fifth in the Honya Taisho for that year in 2007. Other than that, she got the 39th Seiunsho Japanese novel prizes for “The Library War” series, BOOK OF THE YEAR 2011 by DA VINCI for “Kencho Omotenashika”. …show more content…
The story seems to finish with happy ending, but that is broken with just one phrase of the heroine, “we should not be together because nothing will change even if we can hide and run away forever”. Nobuyuki has been having doubt about the ending of the story and he thought that he wants to share the impression about it with someone, then he finds a blog which is titled “Raintree no Kuni (World of delight)”. The webmaster, Rika Hitomi also read the novel and they get along soon and discuss about the novel by exchanging e-mail. One day he offers her to meet and talk face to face, but she refuses his offer. He tries to persuade her and finally they have an appointment to meet. The day they meet, they are planning to watch movie. When they talking about which movie they want to watch, Rika persists on to watch the movie with subtitles and never bent her opinion. Nobuyuki feels something wired and he does not understand why she pushes her opinion so much. After they watch the movie, when they ride an elevator, the buzzer of over the weight limit was rung just when Rika entered the elevator. However, she seems she does not notice the buzzer and even does not try to get off from the elevator. Then, Nobuyuki gets upset and says “Why are you standing with doing nothing? Don’t you think you are bothering others?” Rika is confused and about to cry. Then she tells him that she has difficulty about hearing and she uses

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