The View that People Who Refuse to Fight are Cowards Essay

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The View that People Who Refuse to Fight are Cowards

With so many wars happening in this century it's difficult to tell who the real cowards are. Many people go to war and fight to protect their country, for a feeling of pride and to feel that they have done their bit to save the lives of others. However many people choose not to fight. They can see that in the long run many problems can occur. They might have to destroy the life of another human being; they could be faced with a disability or even death. Also, people who feel that fighting in a war is morally wrong are called conscientious objectors. In this essay I will examine which choice, if any, is the cowardly choice.

Those who
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They sit at home worrying about friends and relatives who have gone to fight, not knowing whether they are still alive or not. These people need the courage to carry on with their own lives, and to try not and worry themselves too much about their loved ones.

The bible gives mixed feelings towards war. Two passages I have found that appear to encourage fighting in wars are Joel 3:9-21, which basically states that you should prepare to fight and to turn you harvesting tools into weapons " beat your ploughshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears" and Deuteronomy 7:22-24. Both of these examples are pro-war and would need to show courage to leave their homes, family and their crops to go and fight for their countries.

Two passages that encourage peace are Isaiah 9:6-7which talks about God being everlasting peace and Matthew 5:39 " if someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also." This shows courage because you would need it to turn away and ignore the provocation, and not start something that could get out of hand, that could involve people getting unnecessarily hurt.

Can anyone really be called a coward? The soldiers who risk their lives each day to keep the world a safe place need the courage to stand up and fight. They need the courage to load the rounds into

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