The Vietnam War and Agent Orange Essay

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The Vietnam War was between Capitalist United states and Communist North Vietnamese; the war began in 1964 and ended in 1975. The US joined the war to stop the spreading of communism. The US came up with the domino theory which was if Vietnam turned communist the surrounding countries would all fall to communism too. The war suffered around 2.3million casualties and was very significant in the long term and the short term. Some of the wars key events were; in 1960 when the Vietcong was formed, 1963 when Diem was overthrown, 1965 Operation rolling thunder begun, 1969 Ho Chi Minh died and in 1963 the cease-fire agreement was signed in Paris and the troops leave Vietnam. At the very beginning of the war China aided North Vietnam by sending …show more content…
Later on in the war images and information about the war begun circulating, this made it harder for the government to control what the American’s got to see and what they didn’t get to see. When information was circulating more freely people found out exactly what was happening in Vietnam. The Americans were shocked and disturbed by some of the things they saw and the amount of casualties and deaths that had occurred, people soon became very angry about the war and protests began. This was significant to the US in the short term, because of the media the Protest movement had begun and people began putting pressure on the government to end the war and get the American troops out. This was also significant to the rest of the world because since the Vietnam War the media has played a huge role in many other wars since.
In the short term Cambodia and Laos, two non-communist countries, became more and more communist because of the Americans. The Khmer Rouge was a communist party but they didn’t have enough supporters to have an impact on the country, after President Nixon came to power he sent troops to bomb and destroy the NLF bases in Cambodia and he also sent troops into Laos. This caused lots of protests in America and even resulted in some student deaths at Kent State University. When

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