The Strange Career of Jim Crow Essay

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The ante-bellum south is referred to as the Old South; south of the Cotton Kingdom and plantation slavery. The Old South did not last long but received the term, ‘Old’ in order to distinguish the Old South from the New South. Slavery in the Old South was practiced by the white man to assure subordination of the Negro’s and to determine their status, or ‘place’. The white supremacy view of life, along with the injustices of exploitation can be traced back to the old pro-slavery argument, developed by the Anglo-Saxon (Woodward, 11). Slavery in the Old South required daily interracial contact from both sides of the races such as, supervision, maintenance of order, and physical and medical care of slaves. House servants were a prime example of …show more content…
In the cities interracial gatherings in grog shops, mixed balls, and religious meetings also were present. The two races were also known to thrive under cover of night, when conventions of slavery were discarded. These types of interracial contacts were believed to reason why the census of 1860 resulted in twelve percent of all African Americans as ‘Mulattoes’ (Woodward, 15). The intimacy, association, and contact of races were largely greater in cites of slave states than any other part of America (Woodward, 14). The Civil War was the most deadly and traumatic war in American history, however, slavery was abolished and Reconstruction was initiated. Reconstruction in the South was the attempt to rebuild and reform the political, economical, and social aspects of the South after the Civil War. Reconstruction also aimed attention towards race relations to establish a freedom for Negroes. Freedmen defined freedom as being the head of a household, independent of the control of a boss or landlord, and with control over one’s own family affairs. Freedmen initially fled from their old masters, however, due to economic independence they soon returned to their old masters (Woodward, 22). Freedmen had the labor and the knowledge to cultivate cotton but no land. The landlords had the land but no cash or labor. Therefore,

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