The Negative Impacts of Polygamy in Canada Essay

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This essay analyzes the gender inequality, human rights, and legal context of polygamy. This essay examines Canada’s law that prohibits polygamy and assess why polygamy in not considered a religious right. Additionally, the harms and inequality of women in polygamous relationships will be discoursed, with a review of Canada’s obligation to the International Women’s Convention. Lastly, the negative psychological, health and educational impacts on children being brought up in polygamous families will be examined. Overall, this essay will demonstrate the negative effects of polygamy and argue that its criminalization in Canada is completely justified.
Polygamy in Canada: Religious freedom or crime?
In Canada, the practice of
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It is justified that the criminalization of polygamy is required due to the harms towards women and children (Gaffney-Rhys, 2012). When addressing Canadian values, the violation of human rights in polygamous families would do not align with the values of Canada.
In Canada, the legalization of polygamy could be harmful for society (Buck, 2012). It is possible that polygamy would spread throughout society (Buck, 2012). Since evolutionary experts suggest that, the organic mating strategies of both males and females are inclined towards polygamy (Buck, 2012). Suggesting that the legalization of polygamy could create a transformation in societal norms and ensuing long-term effects on social structure. (Buck, 2012). To prevent negative social effects of polygamy the application of section 293 is crucial for preventing a probable increase in polygamous families that would change the social norm of being married to one spouse at a time.
The legalization of polygamy would generate an economic risk to the Canadian society (Bala, 2009). The economic harms of polygamy are foreseeable as societies become progressively urbanized, and urban living standards have advanced (“Government of Canada”, 2006). Polygamy can cause economic hardships that can ensue in the lack of the basic resources and necessities such as food, housing, clothing etc. Therefore,

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