The Liberal Adoption of a Policy of Social Reform in the Period 1906-1914

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The Liberal Adoption of a Policy of Social Reform in the Period 1906-1914

There are many issues to examine when answering the question of what
prompted the Social reforms of 1906-1914 such as the changing ideas of
the British public and national efficiency which was decreasing. In
the period of 1906-1914, the social reform acts were passed in
parliament by the Liberal government under Herbert Asquith PM,
Lloyd-George MP and Winston Churchill MP. These acts laid the
foundations of a basic welfare state on which our current welfare
state was built from. These acts provided basic support for mothers
and children, the old, sick and the unemployed. These changes were
considered very radical considering
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These factors show clearly that Britain in 1906
was in need and was prepared as a country for social reform as new
ideas came to light about the poverty situation. The Social Reforms
came about partially because poverty and its true cause were exposed
and people saw the harsh reality for themselves. This prompted
humanitarian concern among the educated and helped to induce the
Liberal Social Reform Acts because many of the population’s views were
changed as regards the poor.

Poverty levels were not helped by the great depression which meant
that a lot of people living on the ‘poverty line’ were plunged into
poverty as they lost their jobs due to overproduction this shows a
need for the Liberal social reform and was a catalyst to their
adoption of it because it means more people were plunged into poverty
and . Due to the Industrial Revolution many people from rural areas
had moved to find jobs in more urban areas. This meant a boom in the
possible workforce and so more unemployed, also the factory owners
could pay very little because of such high competition for jobs This
shows a need for some sort of social reform because people could get
stuck on the poverty line due to such low wages but could not get out
of it because they could not afford to quit to find a better paid…

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