The effect of Disney Princesses on young girls Essay

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Like most young girls, I grew up watching Disney movies. I remember the desire to be and act like almost anything that I watched. I wanted expensive things and a prince that would sweep me off my feet. But I never thought about the negativity that came from watching these movies until I was old enough to realize how they affected my image, behavior, and expectation of love. Most parents are not getting this either!
I can understand how many parents are blinded to the negative effects of Disney movies, and their princesses. When they get a movie for their kid they probably say to themselves, “They’re made for children, so they must be okay, right?” Wrong. Just as Henry Giroux, the writer of the book, “The Mouse that Roared: Disney and the
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It’s important to her to “look pretty,” or “look cute.” She’s said things like, “Those sneakers make my feet look fat.”” Like this little girl, even at age three, I wished to be and to grow up to be as beautiful as the princesses from the movies. I wanted the whole package, the boy, the jewels, the beauty and the voice. My mom would give me a dollar to spend whenever we went into the Dollar Tree and I would always look for the princess heels, fake makeup, and fake nails. Not the coloring books, regular children’s toys or candy, but anything that might make me prettier. If I could get my hands on those things, I would because I was already obsessed with the thought of being a beautiful girl.
Paul Castillo, author of the article, “The Negative Effects Disney has on Children” says, “Aurora is described as an extraordinarily beautiful woman, so young girls will understand, even if they are not directly told, that is how they are supposed to strive to look”. All Disney’s princesses are perfectly portrayed when it comes to image, which is unrealistic for any young girl. Not only are young girls affected by image, but also by how they should act as women.
Disney princesses can also show girls how they should act and what roles they should play as women. Castillo says, “Disney films also teach

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