Essay on The Dispute between European Philosophy and Religion

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The Dispute between European Philosophy and Religion
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ABSTRACT: The disputes between philosophy and religion can be avoided and solved not by the contemporary separation of their conclusions but because Socrates-Plato taught us how valid judgments are established. Plato is the founder of "scientific logic", because he discerned the instantaneous relations of similar, different, equal through the intelligibility between ultimate distinctions. This relation, not very accurately called "like" by Socrates, holds too for the intelligence in its relation to the intelligibility of the distinctions of "can" and "must", of which every person is "implicitely" aware, and both "can" and "must" are known as "real possibilites".
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The long lasting dispute in the European culture between philosophy and religion is maintained, because we are not following Socrates' reminder to define our words correctly. The dispue started already with Aristoteles, in spite of the fact that he praised Socrates' search for the "what" of all things as very important, since Socrates insisted that two conditions had to be fulfilled to achieve correct thinking: indukive arguments and universal definitions had to be established (1).

The first hurdle that had to be overcome is the word "induction", which Aristoteles used to show that wie abstract universal definitions from senseperceptions.

That is the beginning of this contracte dispute, which has mislead us to "kill God", and to declare all proofs of Him impossible.

Nieztsche is the European, who recognized the depth of that self-inflicted wound that threatens to destroy us and suffered from it till his mental derangement. He had been aware of the valuable characteristic of Western culture that consisted in " stretching the bow so tight"(2) that the divine could be reached, which means to be positive without intending to achieve utopia here inearth. Nietzsche knowe that Jesus Christus was the perfect "yes-sayer", and he himself wanted to become a "yes-sayer" too(3). But he could not find his way through the innner contradictions in our philosophy, they finally broke him. Mechanical technic with the help

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