The Criminal Justice System Essay

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The Criminal Justice System

Is this a hellish nightmare that I have to awaken from?
Caged and confined, thinking and pondering,
I wonder what human is this that he should be subjected to imprisonment that neither improves nor corrects his soul?
Is there no compassion for restoring a man to contribute to this nation?
Or does the dark side of humanity see offenders of the law as utter undesirables unworthy of aid and therapy?
Society, I have been tried and sentenced.
Serving time for violating the law is not supposed to be a picnic.
But demoralizing and dehumanizing a man to the dust of the ground does not correct behavior that got him incarcerated in the first place.
This only fuels the fire, a fire which,
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Therefore, communities must hold some of the burden for making people into who they are.
So, prisons must do more then just contain offenders. A responsible society must make the effort to rehabilitate these individuals and make strides to re-connect them with the community. As Bill McKibben says, “Isn’t it time to focus harder on substantive problems, such as how do we build a society that doesn’t destroy the planet by its greed, and doesn’t ignore the weak and the poor (McKibben, p. 720).” Much attention has been given to issues of big business versus the environment. People can sympathize with this cause. Though it may not be as glamorous, it is just as important that society’s addresses the needs of the less fortunate. Even though criminals who commit the most heinous crimes receive the majority of public attention, most offenders are not intrinsically evil or irreversible. Often they are weak individuals who may not have received the best upbringing or have instilled in them a set of values incompatible with the community. McKibben feels that it is important not to ignore these unfortunate individuals, and give them an opportunity to re-engage with society in a mutually acceptable way.
Therefore, prisons need to train offenders to exist with the rest of society. In the book, C-Unit, the authors suggest that prisons fulfill a certain role.
The modern prison is asked to perform three

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