Essay on The Characters' Sinful Nature Depicted in The Scarlet Letter

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In the novel “The Scarlet Letter” sin is the underlying theme. We can see that throughout the story, as we come to meet each character and learn about them as well, each character has a sin that afflicts their reputation and life within the novel. The main characters that are portrayed as having the biggest sins are: Hester Prynne, Rodger Chillingworth, and Reverend Dimmsdale. As we the reader progress through the story, we see just how sin affects a person while living in a Puritan society. In the beginning of the story Hester Prynne is standing in public upon the scaffold, where people are sent to go stand for having committed sin. Upon Hester's chest a mark is seen, it is a scarlet “A”. We learn that the “A” stands for adulterer …show more content…
As we read further into the story, Hester begins to learn from her “sin” and take it upon her self to grow from her mistakes, and better her self mentally and physically. We can see that Hester starts to help the poor and be more charitable, which in turn leads people to associate the “A” on Hester's chest to the word “Able” rather then “adulterer”. Sadly, even though people may now see Hester differently, she still grows from her original “sin” to better herself in many other ways throughout the novel. The next character we see who is deeply involved in the sin of the novel is Roger Chillingworth. The sin of Chillingworth is his manipulative attitude towards people of Boston. Chillingworth is a doctor to the people of Boston, and more prevalent in novel, the caretaker of Dimmsdale as he falls ill. Chillingworth, happens to become obsessed with tormenting Dimmsdale and he uses this to exact revenge upon Dimmsdale for being the father of Pearl. As the story progresses, the people of Boston tend to see Chillingworth as being a well-timed hero, seeing as how he is readily available to help out with Dimmsdale's illness as it occurs, but some people remain skeptical. While to the public his sin does not show as much as Hester's did, more people begin to find out towards the end as Chillingworth yells about how Dimmsdale had escaped him. This is the effects of Chillingworth's sins that led to his demise, as well as Dimmsdale's. During the events

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