The British Constitution Essay

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Since the early beginning of social and political development; man sought resolutions to the on-going lawlessness/anarchy which plagued the social and early political life of man. The answer was simple in theory –to create a set universal codex of rules by which they would be governed by and which would promote order, replacing the lawless chaos which existed –concomitantly limiting the power of the rulers. There are many beliefs as to the origins of the Constitution, with some claiming that it was devised 2500 years ago in the city-states of Ancient Greece, others claim since Runnymede or even as early in the 17th-century English revolutions.
Regardless, the principle idea behind the constitution is a universal set of rules which ought
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The complexity of the British constitution is a result of its history; this feat of “unwritten” constitution can be understood by Britain’s historical events as such events led to its current state of constitution including the “unwritten” part of it. It is important to note that even the Queen stated that “the British constitution has always been puzzling, and always will be”, a statement that shows the complexity which pervades the British constitution. Moreover, most countries when faced with a revolutionary break with the past, for instance when the United States broke from Britain, when Germany after the war had to start over again or even France in 1958 when de Gaulle came to power after a coup d'état had also determined to create a new system, as well as the ex-communist countries in eastern Europe had to start over, meaning that they all needed a new system, a new constitution. England on the other hand, never really had to “start-over” it merely accumulated over the centuries codified and uncodified laws (statutes, conventions, judicial decisions and treaties) which constitute the British constitution; hence and its complexity. The term “unwritten” is not exactly the correct word describing the British constitution but rather, a more correct term would be that it is “uncodified” because the British constitution

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