The Benefits of Being Bilingual Essay

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A new graduate from college walks into a job interview with a business degree. His potential as a worker is evidently high and the people sitting across the desk from him know that he is a highly intelligent individual, maybe even the smartest one they will interview today. This young graduate could do wonders for their business with his youth and energy. He is asked what seems like a million questions when finally he only has to answer one more question. They want to know if he can speak any second language. He cannot and tells them so. The boss frowns slightly and the young man's heart sinks a little. He just lost the job and he knows it. Although learning another language is difficult, it proves to be an essential quality in today's …show more content…
However, in some companies the workers may be the one who speak the foreign language. In America today our Hispanic population continues to grow and they seek work as farmhands or factory workers. Companies need employees who are capable of talking to these people and explaining to them the ways of the workplace in a way they can understand. Second, as access to more distant places of the world become more accessible and affordable more people are able to take holidays to these parts of the world. Places like Central and South America are hot spots for travelers today when fifty years ago traveling to places like these seemed unimaginable. As people begin to travel to foreign areas of the world tourists must be able to communicate with the people in these countries to find their way around, book a hotel, and even order off a menu at a restaurant. Also, while guests are there they will want to purchase souvenirs and buy things they would not be able to purchase in America. To do so, people must know how to communicate to the seller about price, how the item was made, and how it is used. If a tourist is unable to do communicate to the seller, they could be wasting their money on an overpriced item or on a souvenir which have to purpose to the consumer. The most important reason to know more

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