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The fight for gender equality along with women’s rights has been a battle for centuries. Over time many, women activists and organizations have step forward to help in advancing women’s progress in the world today. One organization that has made a tremendous contribution and has been extremely influential for women is the National Organization for Women (NOW). The organization has been around since 1966 and has more than 500,000 members and more than 500 local and campus affiliates in all 50

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For example, the issue of reproductive rights can be broken down into three parts. The first part, known as the grounds, is stating what the basic argument is (Best, 2008, p. 31). In this case NOW claims that “reproductive rights are issues of life and death for women, not mere matters of choice. NOW fully supports access to “safe and legal abortion, to effective birth control and emergency contraception, to reproductive health services and education for all women (National Organization for Women, 2012).” This statement clearly states what NOW’s viewpoint is on the situation and it indicates that there is a social problem related to abortion and the reproductive rights of the woman that needs to be highlighted and dealt with. The second part is the warrants, warrants state why something should be done about a particular issue and why society should be concerned (Best, 2008, p. 36). NOW affirms that reproductive rights is an issue and people need to be alarmed about the condition because “Reproductive justice ensures that women are healthy, both physically and emotionally; that they can make decisions about their bodies and sexuality free from government interference; and that they have the economic resources to plan their own families. A woman's well-being requires self-determination, equality, and the respect and support of her society (National
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