Simple Solutions to the Obesity Epidemic in America Essay

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Obesity is becoming an epidemic in our society (Hill, Wyatt, Reed, & Peters, 2003; Kottke, Wu, & Hoffman, 2003). Prevalence of obesity is on the rise and deaths attributable to it are higher than ever. It is estimated by the NIDDK (2003) that 30.5% of adults in the United States are obese and if the rate of increase remains constant, 39% of adults will be obese by the year 2008 (Hill, et al. 2003). In a study conducted by Thorpe, et al. (2004) out of 2681 New York elementary school students 24% were obese, so there is a high prevalence in children as well. Flegal, Williamson, Pamuk, and Rosenberg (2004) discovered that the obese population contributes ten times more deaths per year, about 300,000, than the portion of the country …show more content…
According to Cottam (2004) this utilitarian lifestyle, the pleasure first attitude predisposes people to becoming obese. Lack of education is a large determinant in having a predisposition to obesity as well.

Although many people are predisposed to being obese society has the ability to take back the control and adopt a healthier lifestyle. This control would effectively be regained by targeting the population of children (Fowler-Brown & Kahwati, 2004). Childhood is the most critical time to prevent a person from becoming obese, because between the ages of four and six children go through adiposity rebound (AR) (Ariza, et al. 2004). AR is where the adiposity in a child significantly increases (Ariza, et al. 2004). The adipose tissue developed during this time period will have to be fed for a lifetime (Ariza, et al. 2004). And according to Ariza, et al. (2004) the heavier a child is at adiposity rebound, the more likely they will grow up to be an obese adult.

The initiative taken to prevent the childhood population from becoming obese rests squarely on the shoulders of physicians and parents (Fowler-Brown & Kahwati, 2004; Gill, MacDougall, & Taylor, 2004). It is the physician’s role to educate the parents

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