Essay on Self-Interest in Human Nature

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Roush 1
Human Nature is made up of many different things, from the choices a person makes and how they feel about making these choices, to how they are thinking when these choices are being made by them. In the world of political philosophy there have been many different views on this very topic. Views from Philosophers such as Machiavelli, Locke, Plato and, Rousseau all try to give the best understanding of human nature. All of these philosophers are intelligent and have hard far into their work to prove their work on human nature but they all have a different understanding of what the truest meaning of this actually is. In Machiavelli’s book The Prince he does an outstanding job of portraying what human nature actually is. Man is selfish
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The whole reason for war in the prince is to go in and take a state. This happens in today’s society often, for example when North Korea invades South Korea they are bringing war to their state in hopes that they will take power. This is just one of several themes from The Prince.
Roush 2 prince is known as a ruler in this book and seen as someone to be feared because they are in power and have no need to be loved, but they do have a reason to be feared because they do not want to be taken down from power in a time of war. Princes often tend to be cruel rulers; this is not out of amusement for themselves but to promise good will for a long reign on their state. A prince should never be hated because this would often lead to their downfall of power, they should only be feared so another prince would not try to take them from power. Machiavelli often uses the words “prowess and fortune” to show the ways a prince could come into power. If a man has a lot of money he often comes off as confident in the things that he does and is often looked at as a successful person in society.(Machiavelli,XXV) Machiavelli say that a man that comes into power with fortune can only control half of men and that the other half is controlled by free will. A person is capable of protecting themselves against a wealthy ruler. Money is not everything is a very popular phrase and it’s true, if someone has no need for money and they are only

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