Essay on Religion Causes War with Intolerance and Distrust

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Religion and Religious beliefs instigate war. This is seen when people try to compel others to adopt their religion or religious beliefs, when a nation of a particular religion conviction goes to war against another nation and when a communities of different religious convictions develop intolerance and distrust for one another.

Firstly most wars are created when fanatics try to compel others to adopt their religion or religious beliefs. The desire to convince another human to follow similar beliefs can be accompanied with a strong passion, so strong in fact that if others were against their particular beliefs, extremists’ may resort to violence to achieve an end. One example was shown during the initial broadcast of Islam when the
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The kind of war that partakes of the nature of a cleansing act has a more recent version such as the Serbian Christians’ attempt on ethnic cleansing to clear the newly created public of Kosovo of its majority Muslim population so that the minority Christians of Kosovo could take over.

Finally, religion causes war because supporters of different religions can easily distrust each other. In this instance, there is no attempt to convert or eliminate each other. Two communities or nations go to war against one another because they have a sense of uncertainty towards each other that can be traced to their difference in religious convictions. An example of this was the long conflict that had characterized the relationship of the Catholics and the Protestants in North Ireland. There had been no attempt to eliminate each other from their geographical location. It had been a war waged by two religious groups who had found it physiologically difficult to co-exist simply because they had different beliefs. This is how the relationship between the Christians and Muslim worlds can be characterised today. That strained relationship has found an outlet in what is currently known as ‘war on terrorism’ being fought by

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