Rawl's Theory of Justice Essay

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The phenomenon of adaptive preferences is describes as an individual having a desired goal but when they see themselves not being able to achieve the goal, they gradually start to lose their interest and desire for the goal. Since the goal becomes unattainable, the individual then tries to convince himself that the goal was not worth striving for. This phenomenon might be used to criticize some utilitarian theories because the theory does not satisfy the preferences of an individual and does not necessarily reduce the suffering; instead, the person lives his life pretending that the long desired goal was not worth it when deep down, they still want to attain the goal. But then if individuals were to set themselves attainable goals in …show more content…
This would maximize people’s welfare because every individual would have the same amount of preferences and would treat everyone with equal consideration, whereas under a Government House form of utilitarianism, only a few individuals of the population know that utilitarianism was the most correct moral theory (31). In an openly utilitarian government, the idea would be to set a set standard for each individual’s interests and desires. In order to satisfy and maximize people’s welfare under a form of government is to treat them all the same and give each individual an equal consideration. People under this form of government would be the “most happy” because their interests and desires will be heard upon, but only the ones that will maximize the good will take part in government policy and actions. By giving people an equal consideration in society, this will indeed maximize the utility of the population. [295 words]

3. Rawls believes that the standard idea of equality of opportunity is “unstable” because it is not necessarily known as to what is needed to ensure a fair standard ideal. Individuals argue that the fairness of obtaining unequal shares of social goods only if those goods are a result of each individual’s choices and actions. Different amounts of income would be acceptable only if there was fair competition in the earning of income, and their race, gender

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