President Truman and World War II Essay

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World War II was a hard time for the United States we had lost thousands of troops due to the attack on Pearl Harbor and now we had a huge decision to make. The United States needed a strategy to defeat the Japanese, who would fight to their deaths. The choice President Truman had to make was between dropping the atomic bomb, diplomacy and a military land invasion. When given the choice on how to end World War II, the United States should choose diplomacy to end the war, this option is beneficial by saving many lives and keeping the atomic bomb a secret.

The first beneficial aspect of diplomacy is saving many lives both American and Japanese that would otherwise been lost in a invasion or bomb. By being involved in World War II the
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When just creating the atomic bomb it would be a smart decision not to let the world know that the United States was in possession of something so powerful. Once other countries knew that the United States had such bombs then there would be a atomic buildup. This nuclear buildup would only lead to more problems for the United States down the road. In the article Was the Atomic Bombing of Japan Necessary?, this article tells that there is no need to drop the atomic bomb, it said “The Japanese position was hopeless. Also, without a navy, the resource-poor Japanese had lost the ability to import the food, oil, and industrial supplies needed to carry on a World War.” This quote from the article shows that we don’t need to use the bomb that Japan is already near defeat all the United States needed to do was end things peacefully and then maybe the tension would die down. By using diplomacy, the atomic bomb would be a major secret weapon for the United States and could be a huge upper hand in the next world conflict.

One decision that would be less effective would be the military land invasion, this is because it would only lead to more lives lost because the Japanese troops were going to fight to there death no matter what. Also it would lead to a longer war which would mean that more money would be needed for supplies for the troops. By having a longer war it would mean

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