Overview: The Captivity Narrative by Mary Rowlandson Essay

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As the first female non poetry work in puritan America, Mary Rowlandson’s captivity narrative can be read from different angles of vision. It can be read as an encouragement for other women who followed her to write stories of their captivity. But on the other hand it can be read in a way that it only reinforced the system of the patriarchal community in which it was written. It also stressed the fact that the puritans were the chosen people of god and that the natives were impure creatures. The captivity narrative as an autobiographical story is a genre of literature that began with Mary Rowlandson’s publication of “The Sovereignty of and Goodness of God” in 1682. It tells the true events of her captivity by the Indians with …show more content…
This fosters the idea that the natives were not at all that savage creatures as she called them. In any case Mary Rowlandson’s eleven weeks captivity is a life experience which is based on her own telling remains a realistic description of her being captive among the natives. During this period of history women only wrote about God and family because it was socially acceptable. Even when reading Mary Rowlandson’s captivity narrative one is almost shackled by its religious background. This is very important to understand that the faith of the puritan people was very strong. Everything that happened to them is because of God and his saving powers. Her own captivity was because of God’s wrath that punished those whom he loved the most for their misdeeds towards him. Her faith gave her all the strength that she needed to overcome her captivity among the Indians whom she preferred to refer to as savages. The puritan beliefs which she strongly held made her almost a superwoman through her journey. Having witnessed the death of her sister and brother-in-law, friends being killed before her eyes would not have been easy for any person without such a strong religious faith as an only source of solace for her. Even her young child whom she never calls by name is wounded and is to die during her captivity among the Indians. However, one of her

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