Organized Crime Essay

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Organized crime is a problem throughout the world. There are the drug cartels of Mexico and Columbia, the Russian Mafia, Asian Triads, and Eastern European crime syndicates to name a few. It is estimated that organized crime generates more than one trillion dollars in profits annually.1 An organized crime syndicate works in a very similar way to a government or corporation. There are different streams of income coming from drug and human trafficking, arms dealing, prostitution, blackmail, protection money, and legitimate business endeavors. It also provides protection similar to police and military.2 Much of the money that they collect needs to be “cleaned” before it can be seized by law enforcement and many legitimate business will not …show more content…
INTERPOL was established in 1923 and currently has 188 member countries. INTERPOL’s purpose is not to catch criminals itself but to help facilitate cooperation and communication between member countries police forces even if the two countries do not have formal diplomatic relations INTERPOL itself is divided into three parts, the General Assembly, the General Secretariat, and the National Central Bureaus.4 The General Assembly is the supreme governing body of INTERPOL and makes all of the resolutions and regulations that INTERPOL agents follow. Each member country has one vote and it meets once a year. The Executive Committee of the General Assembly has 13 members comprising the president of the organization, 3 vice-presidents and 9 delegates. The Executive Committee sets the agenda for the next meetings and also can name advisers.5 The General Secretariat keep the databases such as the International Criminal Fingerprint Database and the databases of Lost or Stolen Passports operational, usable, and available to the member countries police forces. The General Secretariat's role is important in an attempt to catch international criminals when they are at their most vunerable point, which is border crossing. The Department of Homeland Security has been using this database succesfully for the past 3 years.6 The National Central Bureau is the main department of INTERPOL. This department actually

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