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One of the more significant or essential concepts in my opinion is communication. Communication, the exchange of information is a key concept because when information is shared in a constructive manner there is an opportunity for understanding and even acceptance in most cases.
Communication develops a sense of trust and portrays a gesture of sensitivity which usually results in a more positive reaction and cooperation. Open communication is especially important when transition is involved. Communication will enable a smoother transition because all will be aware of the changes taking place and with some explanation may welcome the change due to the greater understanding the communication may have provided. When an organization
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changes that have been made in reaction to changed environmental conditions and proactive learning, i.e organizational changes that have been made on a more willful basis. This is learning which goes beyond the simple reacting to environmental changes.” (Klaus Beck, Organizational Learning and Management). An organization must continue to learn and grow in order to keep up with and adapt to change. This growth has a major impact on their success. An example of organizational learning would be their need to keep up with modern technology as well as adjusting to the publics or the consumer’s needs and interests. My organization must constantly look for smarter ways to satisfy our customer’s growing needs and desire to purchase the ideal product, which is that of the greatest quality and the best customer service, at the best affordable cost. An organization must meet their customer needs as well as their employees.
With today’s rapidly changing environment and economy, it is evident that an organization must continue to develop in order to be successful. The organizational behavior, culture, diversity, communication, effectiveness and efficiency along with organizational learning are key concepts in this developmental process. The knowledge obtained through studying organizational behavior will assist in the emergence of a clearer understanding about ourselves and others in the work place. This

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