Oedipus Rex, by Sophocles Essay

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Does tragedy bring anything good? Tragedy brings, to some, complete humility. To others they obtain that suffering is inevitable in life. Through suffering, outlook is changed and obtained is wisdom. This theme is evident in Sophocles “Oedipus Rex.” This plays central thesis is about a terrible curse sent upon the Thebes king, Oedipus and how he deals with the confrontation, that he is the “most accursed man.” Oedipus before his tragedy had excessive pride. Nothing would make him understand his arrogance at finding fault with everyone else, except himself. Thus, the tragedy made him suffer. As a result, Oedipus was humbled to obtain wisdom. One question arouses is did Oedipus deserve the tragedy brought to him? In looking at the events …show more content…
This brilliance and determination serve well in solving riddles, as in the riddle of the Sphinx. This is not in itself truly a flaw but his pride in it. He is prideful of his intelligence. When Tiresias questions him, he becomes angry and says to him, “With these same taunts you now hurl, you will find me great.” Oedipus is so sure of himself, that he feels questioning himself is a waste of time. He even calls down curses upon himself. He also feels that those who doubt him are plotting a conspiracy against him, which he strongly believes happened to the Thebes King.
Oedipus starts his downfall when he fails to realize he is the one who murdered Laius. Tiresias says to Oedipus, “Abide by that decree you made earlier, and from this day address neither these men here, nor me, since you are the unholy polluter of this land.” If Oedipus did not have his excessive pride and his desire to be exalted, he would have heeded Tiresias words and questioned himself fully. He, however, became angry, and without truly thinking of the possibilities, he hurled insults at the renowned Tiresias and pushed reality aside. Thus, Tiresias had to say the horrible reality again, “I say that you slew the man whose slayer you seek.” Oedipus again becomes angry and immovable in his conviction that conspiracy resulted the King’s death. This cost Oedipus greatly in the end. Tiresias last words to Oedipus is that he will find the murder as, “ He

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