Musculoskeletal Disorder of the Lower Back Essay

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Have you ever felt that sharp pain in your back and wondered “what is going on?” well it could be a cause from what is called Musculoskeletal Disorder. Musculoskeletal Disorder has a wide range of effects on different parts of the human body and affecting over hundreds of millions of people, it causes long-term pain and disability. In this paper we mainly will discuss MSD of the lower back. At one time as many as 85% of the population has experienced lower back pain (LBP) in recent years. For doctor visits the reason has become the second, this is not including those whom do not question or seek advice for the problem and just in hope that one day the pain will go away. Those who have reported lower back pain have “either neck pain 41% …show more content…
When working in dentistry sitting is mostly the position that the dental assistant or the operator (Dentist) will be in when working on a patient, it is okay to alternate between standing and sitting as this can be a good contribute to preventing injuries. Working on a patient the instruments should be in arms reach; this will also help with preventing injuries that may cause MSD. Exercises can be done to release some of the tension from sitting down for long periods of time you can do, “A full back release should be practiced. Relax the neck, roll down slowly letting the arms and head fall between the legs, hold position for a while; raise slowly by contracting stomach muscles and rolling up, bringing the head up last” (Nutalapati, 2009) Having MSD comes with a price of pain and possibly disability, pain such as joint disease or even trauma. In dentistry depending on what type or position the dentist is accustom to or use to working in they are predisposed to injury or even pain in different parts of their body. “Assessment of MSD in different regions of the body have shown that in male practitioners MSD of the elbow region is more common whereas in females the common regions affect were shoulders, neck, wrist/hand, and upper back regions.” (Muralidharan, 2013) LBP has increased and because we as humans spend most of our days at work the things or exercises we do at work can help in preventing MSD. “Being seated made little

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