Essay on Media Portrayal of Female and Male Body Image

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Media Portrayal of Female and Male Body Image

Body image is a hot topic in the media. Unrealistic and unattainable are words that can be used to describe images in the media. Skinny, waif-like women and muscular, Rambo-like men are the idolized body images portrayed. In the media female models keep getting thinner and thinner while men keep getting more muscular. Many say the media and its depictions of the ideal body weight created the problems of low self-esteem, eating disorders, poor body concepts, and sexism through spotlighting unattainable body image icons.

"In a media-saturated culture like the one we have in the United States, the influence of media-promoted images on our perception of what is good, healthy, beautiful
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With media presenting us with images of super-thin women who are projected as symbols of success, eating disorders are unarguably on the rise among young women. This is the result of distorted body image or body image disturbance that occurs when people, both men and women, overestimate their body size and harbor chronic thoughts about dieting, weight loss and consumption of fat. Body image distortion leads to unhealthy dietary habits where people start consuming less food with lower nutritional value and as the result suffer from eating disorders including bulimia and anorexia nervosa."

Although the media can be a powerful tool, not everyone is affected in the same way by the same media imagery. Some people are more affected by media imagery than others. This is usually because some people are more venerable then others. For example; one person with a high self esteem may see a picture in a magazine very differently to another person with a low self esteem. Chances are that if someone has a low self esteem, they are more likely to compare themselves to media images, which can make them feel even lower about themselves if they feel that they do not met the same standard of beauty that the image they are looking at is representing. It is my belief that as said earlier, the media is a powerful tool, and they do have a responsibility to their audience, but I do not

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