Essay on Media Distortion of Crime Reports

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Throughout society there are both individuals and groups of people with a wide range of perceptions about crime and justice. These perceptions are influenced by the media and what the media presents. Media presents crime stories in ways that selectively distort and manipulate public perception, thus creating a false picture of crime. Therefore the media provides us with perceptions and social constructions about our world. Firstly I will be discussing the role of the media in constructing knowledge about crime. I will begin by explaining why the media is important, and go further to explain that media representations construct knowledge of crime and since knowledge about crime is constructed it does not necessarily capture reality in …show more content…
However by doing this the media doesn’t simply provide knowledge about crime but it constructs it, they construct stories about crime events . It is therefore important how the media represents or portrays a particular event of crime as it is through representation that the reality of crime is constructed.
The media representation of crime is important as this is how the public will see the event occurring and this is what they would believe occurred. ‘Representation is the ability of texts to draw upon features of the world and present them to the viewer, not simply as reflections, but more so, as constructions.’ Because the media is our source of knowledge about crime and they construct stories about crime events they shape public consciousness regarding what we know and understand about crime and what the urgent problems are and how they should be resolved. So even though the media provides us with information about crimes that have occurred in society it does so in a way which distorts and manipulates public perception by representing crime stories in certain ways , as ‘Representing events changes them.’ Crime stories are often sensationalised and Don Weatherburn, who is the head of Bureau of Crime Statistics in New South Wales, points this out when he states that ‘the media is encouraging a distorted and exaggerated view of

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