Literary Analysis Essay

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Literary Analysis

In James Joyce’s Dubliners, Joyce writes about difficulties and hardships of the Irish people during the 19th century. In the stories “The Sisters” and “The Dead,” the separation of an individual from the rest of society is portrayed through many occurrences of eyes and visions. There are many examples that run though out these stories that can be interpreted. Some of these examples can range from being on a symbolic level to an emotional level within the characters.

In “The Sisters,” there are many emotional changes that are a result of visions through certain objects. After the little boy in “The Sisters” sees the flowers in the store, he goes through a rollercoaster of emotions (3-4).
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He feels sorrow and at the same time enraged because while he was thinking about how beautiful his wife was and happy he was with her, his wife, on the other hand, was thinking about her lover from the past. He also goes on thinking how poorly of a husband role he has played in her life (224). Gabriel can not bear the feeling of picturing his wife with that man and the possibility of them being lovers.

The changes that Gabriel goes through bring him to his own conclusion on his difference from everybody else. He has a feeling of separation from everyone else around him. He even has a feeling of separation from his own wife. He thought he knew everything about her but comes to realize that he is far from that. Gabriel can only think of the worst in the future. He has a sense of uselessness within himself. He has detached himself from society now.

The little boy has his own recognition of his differences from society. During the day he walks through town just looking at many things including people and the way they act and random objects. He realizes how everyone else has a different opinion about his friend Father Flynn from everybody else. The little boy sees that they are not happy with the fact that he spends most of his time with Father Flynn. The fact that the boy always walks alone tells you about his separation and how independent he is.

There is at least one main symbolic object in each of the

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