Japanese Internment Camps in America Essay

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Article two of the constitution states that everyone is entitled to all rights and, “freedoms… without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin…birth of status.” Because of the many articles similar to this in the constitution, the United States has a reputation for being a nation of democracy, justice and freedom, which is why it is one of the most sought out nations to live in. Therefore, The United States has been flooded and with a spectrum of races from literally all over the world. However, The United States has not always lived up to the principles on which the constitution has founded. There have been several periods in America’s history where …show more content…
In a quote from, Years of Infamy, Michi Weglyn states, “Most of the 110,000 persons removed for reasons of 'national security' were school-age children, infants and young adults not yet of voting age.” The Government did not leave anyone behind. Although the government tried making an array of programs so that the evacuation would not make a huge dent in the lives of the Japanese, their lives were still distraught. In one of the many documents written by government officials, there is a statement from The Headquarters Western Defense And Fourth Army Presidio Of San Francisco, California, Office of The Commanding General that states, “I have little confidence that the enemy aliens are law-abiding or loyal in any sense of the word… particularly the Japanese…I have no confidence in their loyalty whatsoever...”. Obviously, the government was very skeptical and suspicious about the Japanese. Although the document mentions other aliens as being, “enemies” of the state and a threat to security, it signals out the Japanese. This would make sense especially since Japan had just recently bombed Pearl Harbor. In Another quote, there is a statement that says, “we have got to be able to enter their homes and premises, search and seize immediately without waiting for normal process or law…”(The Headquarters Western Defense And Fourth Army Presidio Of San Francisco, California, Office

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