Is God Dead in Modern Poetry? Essay

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The 20th-century ushered in a sense of hopelessness through the proliferation of the industrial age and mankind becoming the creator of their world. The world became more and more mechanized and not only in the work place. Lifestyles, ideas, and even religions became mechanical. This ties in with the alleged "death of God" in modern times as well as modern poetry. Humans became like gods creating their world; as a result, they became increasingly disconnected with the natural, godly, world that surrounded them. This disconnection made them lonely with their surroundings. Wallance Stevens and T.S. Eliot tackle these feelings in their poetry. At first, both poets suggest that life is simply a hopeless and empty exercise, as well as one that …show more content…
Nature, a creation of God's, could be seen as having a little bit of divinity itself. People like the Romantics celebrated nature and more spiritual, rather than mechanical or materialistic, creations. Modern poets like Eliot and Stevens, then, seem to be working against Romantic and Transcendental ideals of celebrating the spiritual or natural. Wallace Stevens's poem The Snowman suggests the lack of connection between humans and nature. To understand winter you must "have a mind of winter" (?) to respect what you see . Essentially to be "one" with nature you must be like the snowman - a being that respects nature and does not "think of any misery in the sound of the wind" (?). The snowman does not read anything into the wind that is not there. Because of this, it is able to understand "the nothing that is" (?) there. Humans, on the other hand, apparently have a tendency to misread nature, which shows their lack of connection and understanding to it. Again, this can represent their disconnect from God.

The disconnection between the creator humans and nature also builds a sense of loneliness in humans. In his poem The Idea of Order at Key West Stevens tells of a woman who sings a song that is a translation of the song of the sea. While she has some connection to the sea and is the "artificer of the world" (?), she still stands alone disconnected to her

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