Humans and Nature: Treatment of Pollution with Technology Essay examples

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Humans and Nature: Treatment of Pollution with Technology

Humans are unable to live independent of nature. Human beings are forced to live by Mother Nature's rules. By destroying nature we are only destroying ourselves. But pollution does just that: it severely damages our natural environment, sometimes beyond recovery. The treatment of pollution is a complex science that has evolved greatly in the 20th century mostly due to the industrial environment we live in today. From the basic classification of today's pollution to developing a supplement to our ever so damaging fossil fuel, advances in technology have helped the human race protect the natural environment around us.

Humans today create a wide range of pollution from basic
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The question is raised whether or not if we'd care about pollution if we weren't so dependent upon nature.

Radiation protection standards are developed to protect the public health. Operators of waste development sites are responsible for the proper disposal of waste. This entails the operator to anticipate the performance of their facilities, and to construct waste-acceptance criteria based on the capabilities, susceptibilities, and capacities of their facilities. The assessments cover intruder, migration, and accident scenarios that yield concentration limits, facility limits, and package limits.4

Although the most severe pollution problems have arouse due to technology and industry, the same forces have developed advanced methods for dealing with these problems. One system that came about as our society advanced was the sewer systems. Sewer systems work as a filtering process. Human beings consume billions of gallons of clean water daily, and pollute almost at the same rate. Sewers work as our first line of defense. Sewers move organic material and nutrients through physical, chemical and biological processes. As water-waste travels through sewer systems, the waste is broken down. This makes the water much easier to treat. Treatment facilities are dealing with lower organic loading,

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