History Revealed in "Mississippi Burning" Essay examples

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What exactly was the Civil Rights movement in Mississippi? It was a time during the 1960s that had affected people even up to this day, and had also initiated the formations of documentaries and cinematic material that were created to renovate events. It was a time when the privilege and opportunity of drinking from a publicly-used water fountain depended on your race and color of skin. A not so recent film, Mississippi Burning, was produced in order to show detailed happenings that occurred during this time period. The movie talks about many characters that actually existed throughout history. It was shocking to experience the way people were treated in Mississippi. People were murdered for racist reasons, organizations were created to …show more content…
Members of the KKK also included people with authority such as Sheriff’s and Co-workers in the police department. The citizens of Mississippi would get rid of anyone who was willing to help “blacks” register to vote. Therefore, when they were aware that the three young men were in town, a Sheriff named Cecil Price and several members of the KKK had planned to stop them at a church meeting. However, their expectation didn’t go as planned, and so Sheriff Price had decided to arrest the boys for eight hours until day turned to night. As it became dark, the sheriff and other members of the KKK released the 3 suspects, knowing that the streets of Mississippi become more isolate in the dark. They followed them in their blue station wagon and eventually murdered them. That night was the last time the three civil rights workers were seen (Federal Government). More history portrayed in the film included the behaviors from the actual Sheriff Cecil Price and members of the Ku Klux Klan. Throughout the 1960’s, people with more power, as mentioned earlier, such as sheriffs and co-workers in the police department, were all against the support of African-American rights. There were even times when authority had nothing better to do than to destroy homes belonging to Africans and shoot them if they felt the need to. Africans couldn’t receive assistance from anyone since those who were normally in charge of the help was the actual cause of the harm. Sheriff Price was an elder

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