History and Effectiveness of a Police Foot Patrol Essay

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Sir Robert Peel created the first organized police department in London U.K. in 1829. His central idea for this creation was to provide “unremitting through visible patrol” (Ratcliffe et al. 2011). He believed that local citizens be deterred from his aggressive police presence in the area and knowing their chance of being apprehended and punished would be high. The debate in these modern times seems to hinge on the idea of whether police patrol deters crime in hot spots. This essay is significant because by using foot patrol as a unit of analysis, it will be easier to control the perspective of the task at hand while keeping the information processing at a simplified level. It is the hope of this essay to accomplish the main goal …show more content…
The experiment was also was unable to reduce incident of varying which resulted in no significant difference between the treatment and control beats. It is obvious whether or not police foot patrol serves as a deterrent to violent crimes is blurry at best due to lack of being able to control for variables and comparably match hot spots on the same criteria before. While some states will always congratulate foot patrol in cleaning up the streets and making in safe again because of their success, other researchers have to take into account this could be because this particular hot spot did not have an extreme percentage of violent crime from the start. So, individually it is hard to find a general and clear statement that police foot patrol does anything for violent crimes. Anthony Braga states police and citizens relationships were uneven and there was no clear answer if foot patrol indeed had a deterrent effect. I discovered in the same article by Braga that he admits the 9 foot patrol studies involved in his experiment conclude that they did see a reduction in crime. Proving when officers are focused more on a specific section of the city, the crime rate sees a difference. (Braga 2005) states that enforcement oriented strategies were the more effective strategy for preventing crime. Christopher Thale’s 2007 research on the police and local resident’s relationship completely refutes Braga claims. Thale conducted a study to examine the effects of

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