Essay about High School Dropout Rate

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High School Dropout Rate Expectations of today’s educational qualifications for high school students are different than it was in the past. It is not uncommon to hear about a student who did not graduate from school. As shown in table 1, 97 students from Stanly County dropped out of school in the 2011- 2012 school year (“Grade 7-13 Dropout Counts and Rates (pdf.62kb)”). Last school year 3.01 percent of North Carolina’s high school students dropped out of school according to the 2011-12 Consolidated Data Report, as a result the total number of students who dropped out of high school in the 2012 year is 13,488. It is also noted that the top five reasons NC students drop out of school are: 1. Attendance, 2. Enrollment in a …show more content…
It is a known fact that the children of teen moms who dropped out of school are more likely to drop out of school also. “Almost thirty-percent of teen pregnancies in North Carolina involve teenagers who are pregnant for a second time” (National Women's Law Center). Teen moms are less likely engages in activities such as voting and volunteering. We must develop a plan to keep students in school.
(The NSDUH Report)
Some expectations are tougher standards, peer pressure of drugs and alcohol, and stressful family situations. One standard needed to graduate is the North Carolina Graduation Project. This is required to start your junior year and must be presented you senior year. This project consists of a research paper with standard format which is selected by your high school, presentation to a panel, and a research product (North Carolina Graduation Project). This project is required in 70% of North Carolina high schools. The project requires a lot of preparation. It is very time consuming and students get very discouraged in finishing this project. This project puts tons of pressure on a lot of students. I feel like if this is project was taken out of the graduation requirements it may help the dropout rate. The graduation project is designed to give students the opportunity to use acquired skills and

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